Black Panther Symbolism & Meaning-The Ultimate Guide

Black Panther Meaning & symbolism

What Does a Black Panther Symbolize?- An Overview

Black Panthers are regal creatures, and a Black Panther symbolizes protection in many forms. For many Christians who are deeply religious, the Black Panther was seen as the symbol of Christ himself.

Being the master of disguise, an excellent hunter but still somehow tame whose disposition we are in love with, the Black Panther totem speaks to us in many mysterious ways. 

Black Panther Symbolism & Meaning 

The Black Panther is a leopard that is found in dense forests which are moist. The skin of a Black Panther is flawless, and it doesn’t have any stripes or spots on its body.

The Black Panther is considered to be the master of disguise who carefully stalks his prey before hunting.

The Black Panther totem could symbolize a variety of things. The panther is considered to be a leader of all who is shown great love and respect.

In the days of the ancient Greeks, the symbolism of a Black Panther was correlated to the Greek God Dionysus. The priests who worshipped the god of wine Dionysus whore cloaks made out of panther skin on their bodies.

A Black Panther is a most gentle animal and is full of confidence. The spirit of a Black Panther is that of a loner. The panther walks alone and figures out his own path.

The creature makes rapid decisions and trusts his gut at all times. The Black Panther totem also correlates to be elusive. The Black Panther can disappear in the blink of an eye, and that too silently.

The Black Panther is a unique and powerful guide. One needs to show submission and respect to the creature for guidance.  

Native American Black Panther Symbolism 

The symbolism of Black Panther totems differs in different tribes of the native Americans. At the same time, some believe the panther to be a god who has connections to the underworld and is also elusive and notorious.

The others look at the creature with more loving eyes and see it as a symbol of a successful hunt and confidence. Many western tribes of the Native Americans thought the Black Panther to be wicked and have roots that can be traced back to the underworld.

They feared the creature and showed him the respect which arose from their fear. On the other hand, in the easter tribes of the native Americans, the Black Panther totem was viewed as a protector, guide, and guardian.

The same tribes also claimed to know that the panther had mystical healing powers and even hunting powers. Further down south, the Black Panther was seen as a symbol of fortune and luxury.  

Christianity Black Panther Symbolism 

The Black Panther is one of the most widely known symbols of Christ. Christ is deemed to be the saviour of all humanity, and this directly translates into the Black Panther being looked at as the saviour of all animals of the jungle.

The leader that the panther is proclaimed to be is considered to be a representation of Christ and how he led the human race forward. The characteristics of both Christ and the creature match.

Both of them are said to be gentle, calm, confident, loved, respected, kind, and protective. Physiologus says that the panther is loved to be all except the dragon. The dragon despises the panther with all its heart.  

East Black Panther Symbolism 

There is a dilemma about the representation of the Black Panther in Eastern cultures such as China. Some view the panther to be a heartless and cruel beast, while another looks towards it and sees it as a magnificent creature who is here to guide and protect them.

In countries such as India and Egypt, the panther is looked at as a guide and a beautiful creature who brings luck. In China, the symbol of a Black Panther could be seen in the embraided robes of military officials.

This is said to bring them strength and courage. The blank panther totem has been linked to guidance and strength in many eastern cultures.  

Black Panther Celtic Symbolism 

In the Celtic culture, there is not much Black Panther totem symbolism seen. This could be due to the geographical limitations of the species itself.

There were no Black Panthers found in Europe back then. In Norse mythology, the goddess Freya is seen to mount a chariot which is being pulled by some panthers, so there might be some Nordic connections to the panther.

The symbolism of the Black Panther in the modern era took a very political meaning in countries such as Germany and even Ireland.  

Black Panther African Symbolism 

Black Panther is essentially a leopard, and hence its symbolism can be linked to other leopards as well. There were many Black Panthers in the region of Africa, and the people there made great use of the Black Panther totem.

The Black Panther was viewed as a symbol of royalty in African cultures. The creature was seen as a token of power that was regal in nature.

There are many mentions of the Black Panther in African mythologies. These leopards are of great importance to the early art which originated in these regions.  

Black Panther Totem 

The individuals who are born under the totem of the Black Panther are very lucky. These individuals are highly self-reliant, and they don’t look to others for any kind of support, be it emotional or physical.

They make use of what they have and who they are to build their lives straight up from the very ground itself. They possess the panther pace and make rapid decisions by trusting their intuition.

Many people who are born under the Black Panther totem often enjoy being alone and don’t like social company at all.

People with the totem are lucky individuals, and they are blessed with the skill of making fast and adept decisions. Expressive, confident, and bold are some of the characteristics of people who are under the totem of the Black Panther.   

Black Panther In Dreams 

Having seen a panther or a Black Panther in your dreams generally is an indication of a stupid lost man. While there are more interpretations than one when it comes to Black Panthers, often, people who have the creature in their dreams are said to be mystical men who are neither friendly nor hostile.

The Black Panther signifies guidance, strength, and support in the first place, and hence having one in your dreams might be the sign of confidence you need.

As panthers roam the wild jungles and don’t come back to the same place at regular intervals, it is hard for people to spot the same panther again.

In the same sense, when you have a dream of the Black Panther, it could mean that you have a protector out there who is watching over you at all times.

As dreams of a Black Panther are rare, it only means the beast is off on its journey around the jungle, but it did come to visit you and give you comfort.  

The lion might be called the king of the jungle, but when it is dark, the Black Panther takes over.

The Black Panther is seen to rule the jungle when it is dark and is a fearless creature indeed. Black Panther hunts alone and intensive stalking of prey is usually involved.  

Black Panther Spirit Animal 

Black Panthers are fast, confident, and regal creatures. The people who have Black Panthers as their spirit animals tend to be brave, bold, and filled with confidence.

Those individuals who tread upon paths that are unknown to most men have Black Panthers as their spirit animals. Accepting your fears and overcoming them is a mark of people who have the Black Panther as their spirit animal.

Fierceness and confidence are always present in such individuals. The panther is quiet, calm, but headfast in the same way people who are calm but determined have the animal as their spirit animal.

Such people embrace the darkness inside and around them both. After embracing this fear, they become strong individuals who are very determined into obtaining their goals. Black Panther totems are strong and effective.  

Black Panther Omens 

In Africa and Egypt, subspecies of cats such as leopards and Black Panthers are considered to be very good omen who brings guidance and good fortune.

Many tribes have worshipped these cats throughout the years. The tribesmen made masks that resembled the creature. This was done to honour the mighty creatures and was considered to be an act of devotion.

Although, encountering a black cat is considered to be a bad omen in many societies such as that India. Encountering a black cat such as a Black Panther is also said to bring great misfortune to those who are not careful.

It was also seen as a sign to change for the better and to introspect deeply.

Seeing a Black Panther totem could symbolize independence in all areas of an individual’s life.  

Black Panther Power Animal 

The colour of the Black Panther symbolizes death. The Black Panther is said to have roots that are connected to the underworld. The creature is said to bring lost souls back onto the path where the dead men walk.

The Black Panther, as a powerful animal, urges you to accept and take help of the strength offered by your feminine side. It’s said to help an individual find his or her true potential and to give meaning to their lives if they are looking for one.

As a power animal, the panther might intentionally bring fear and little pain into your life but only with intentions that are pure.

The creature wants you to embrace the darkness which lies deep within yourself. You also need to embrace the darkness which is present around you.

The journey that the Black Panther takes you on can often be long and could be filled with struggles.

As long as you are under the guidance of the panther, in the end, you will come out a stronger individual than you were when the journey started with the magnificent creature.  

Black Panther Tattoo Meaning 

The Black Panther as a creature represents many qualities such as grace, strength, calmness, strong will, feminine power, and intuition.

A tattoo representing the Black Panther is a representation of all such qualities that the beast possesses. If you wish to go for a tattoo with a Black Panther in it, it’s a very good choice.

The panther is an elusive and mystical creature and is known to represent a variety of things across history, such as death, underworld, grace, beauty, confidence, and even solitude.

The eyes of the panther can be captivating, and they, too, hold great power. At times they are known to hold answers to questions that you are asking yourself.

The eyes of the panther are also known to instil fear into men who have negative intentions toward you and your loved ones.

Accomplishing your dreams and then representing them through a Black Panther tattoo is a common thing throughout history.

At the same time, the meaning of a Black Panther tattoo is many such as walking on the path where no one treads upon, being silent, achieving one’s dreams, and embracing one’s passions.  

Meaning When Seeing a Black Panther: 

Harnessing Strength:

There is a great source of power present in each one of us.

Seeing a Black Panther symbolizes a need to harness the energy which is present inside you. As a Black Panther is almost on the top of the food chain, it represents an individual who has harnessed his or her energy and has now reached new heights.

Sometimes viewing these creatures in your dream symbolizes a weak point in your life. You need to be headfast and practice a rigid set of principles to find their purpose again.  

Someone is Watching Over You:

A Black Panther has been viewed as a creature whose main objective is to lead and guide. The mystical creature is known to lead other animals of the jungle and is also called the saviour of all creatures of the jungle.

Viewing the panther could be a sign that there is someone watching over you. A guardian angel or protector is there in your life, and monitoring each step you take closely is an interpretation of seeing the Black Panther.  


Black Panthers are exquisite creatures, and they are absolutely stunning. If you are at a low point in your life and you happen to see a Black Panther, it’s an indication to get in touch with the power of the feminine side present in you.

It’s a sign to accept the beauty which lies hidden inside you and make the best out of it. Grace and femininity are the characteristics of a Black Panther, and it’s a sign for you to witness the power hidden inside you.  

Be Wary of Your Steps:

Black Panthers are excellent predators; they hunt their prey in a calculated manner and never make mistakes.

Seeing a Black Panther is a sign for you to be wary of the next step that you are about to take. As these creatures are also seen as guardians seeing them could be a sign of intervention.

The creature might be warning you of an unforeseen catastrophe that is about to happen.  

Making a Return:

If an individual has suffered extreme pain and hardships in their life recently, seeing a Black Panther could be the sign that they needed to make a comeback.

The Black Panther is there to protect you now and is going to help you reach your full potential. These creatures are often seen as the symbols of rebirth, and hence it’s time for your life to change and for you to be born again as a new man.  



Black Panther totem symbolism is linked to many characteristic features such as mysticism, solitude, grace, beauty, strength, courage, death, and confidence.

Deciphering the meaning of the Black Panther in your life could be tricky as these creatures are known to be ambiguous and often very mysterious.

Known as protectors and leaders, often they show themselves in times of need.

Whatever the reason may be for you to witness these creatures, this guide can help you understand the meaning of it all. Black Panthers are regal, exotic, and exquisite creatures of the jungle.  

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