Cricket Symbolism & Meaning-The Ultimate Guide

cricket Symbolism & Meaning

“To have a cricket on the hearth is the luckiest thing in the world.”

– Anonymous

Cricket Symbolism & Meaning-Overview

Despite their small sizes, crickets are considered mystic creatures in many cultures and symbolize wisdom and spirituality. They are quite curious about their surroundings and can calm you with their soothing music. 

A cricket symbolizes wealth, good luck, and prosperity. It is considered a good omen and is often linked with spirituality.

It is said that if you harm a cricket, then your good luck dies with it. Thus, you should avoid harming a cricket.

Crickets bring with them happiness and love. They are also a source of intuition, sensitivity, and enlightenment.

Cricket also protects you from evil and stops singing if predators are close. Let’s find out the significance of crickets in various cultures.

Cricket symbolism – Different Colors of Crickets

Crickets come in various colors depending on the locations and environments they are found in. Following are the various colors crickets are found in:

White Cricket Symbolism:

White crickets are also known as albino crickets. They symbolize the return of a loved one in your life and are a good omen.

Black Cricket Symbolism:

Black crickets are quite common and symbolize knowledge, secret wisdom, and trusting your intuition. Black crickets are a symbol of unconscious thoughts and something that is usually hidden. 

That’s why they represent secret wisdom and advise you to always trust and follow your intuition. As long as you trust yourself and believe in your inner voice you can avoid danger and succeed.

Red Cricket Symbolism:

Red cricket has more significance in dreams rather than in real life. If you dream about a red cricket, it means that you overindulge in things and are not consistent in life. Your inconsistency can cost you big one day and you need to be more mature when dealing with things.

This means that you have an unhealthy lifestyle and need to get back on track. Everything is healthy as long as consumed in the right amount. Overindulging does you no good and just has negative effects on your mind and body. Thus, you need to have more determination and willpower.

Green Cricket Symbolism:

A green cricket often resembles a grasshopper after all both animals do belong to the same family. They symbolize new beginnings and opportunities. It is an indication that you are now starting your spiritual journey and are ready to make your path.

It advises you to connect with yourself spiritually and to always grasp new opportunities. You should never let go of any opportunity to move forward in life and never fear new beginnings. New beginnings bring new opportunities. Thus, cherish the change and learn to adapt to it instead of repelling it. 

Yellow Cricket Symbolism:

Yellow crickets have more significance in dreams. They are not that easily found and thus, if you dream of a yellow cricket, it means that you have trust issues. Therefore, yellow crickets are related to relationships and the bond you share with your partner, family, or friends. It means that you need to develop more trust in people and not dwell on past issues.

There is nothing wrong with being careful, but excluding everyone is also not a good idea. You need genuine people in your life and learn to give people a chance instead of closing yourself off from the world. Everyone deserves a fair chance, especially those who were never in the wrong in the first place.

Cricket Native American Symbolism

Native Americans believe that crickets bring fortune. However, the tribes in the western parts of the land link them to bad luck, more so if cricket is found in their homes. The Cheyenne tribe used crickets to predict the movement of buffaloes. 

According to the Cherokee tribe, crickets symbolize courage and wit and are capable of succeeding in any situation irrespective of their size and strength. The Mexicans treat crickets more like a good meal rather than some spiritual animal. 

According to Native American folklore, there was once a possum who had a beautiful and furry tail. When a rabbit saw his tail, he was very jealous of him because he had no tail. A few days later a dance was organized in the forest and all the animals participated. The rabbit plotted with the cricket, the barber of the forest, and asked him to shave the possum’s tail secretly.

When the possum came up to dance in front of the animals, and released his tail wrapped in the ribbons, he became the laughing stock of the event. 

Crickets symbolize personal realization and success. It is also said that they can heighten your perception and intuition. They can make your sixth sense sharper. They help you connect with yourself and your subconscious. They also help you discover your inner self and your hidden talents. They can bring out the best in you and help you reach out to yourselves.

Crickets can help you gain spiritual realization and connect you with yourself and help you become one with your soul. The antennas of crickets guide them and thus are considered a sign of spiritual guidance and wisdom. Cricket symbolism is of spirituality according to the story of Pinnochio. 

Cricket Symbolism – Celtic Tradition

The Celts believe crickets to be magical creatures. They are mystic creatures who should not be killed or bad-mouthed and symbolize good luck.

Cricket symbolism is quite important for Celts and cricket is a sign of positivity. Heart crickets seem to keep those fairies away who like to drink the left-out milk.

Crickets symbolize wisdom as they are considered centuries old and the Celts believe that crickets can share great stories and experiences if only we could understand them. They are also known as ‘Old Folks’ and are said to know the history of the world. The Cricket on the hearth is a band that plays various forms of Celtic folklore.

When it comes to houses, the Irish believe crickets symbolize great luck. In Ireland, people believe that crickets can predict the weather. Cricket also symbolizes summer. This is because of the heat radiating off of it. It is said that the faster a cricket chirps, the faster is his metabolism and the hotter it feels on the outside. 

Crickets can also be used to predict the temperature. You can do so by counting the number of sounds it makes. The Germans believe crickets to be bad omens that symbolize the death of a loved one. If the crickets are chirping louder than usual, it means that bad weather is approaching. It is also said that killing a cricket on Sunday is a bad omen and brings bad luck.

Also, if a cricket leaves your house, it means that death will come to your house instead. If a cricket hears you talking about killing it, then it will inform other crickets and all the crickets will destroy your clothes, as revenge.

Cricket symbolism in Various Religions

According to the New Testament, John the Baptist ate crickets and told the people that the insects that can fly can be consumed by humans. In Christianity, crickets symbolize talent and a person with the spiritual power to leave their body. It is believed that the chirping of crickets is the sound you hear after having an out-of-body experience.

Cricket symbolism is also that of traveling long distances. A green cricket is a symbol of a fresh beginning and describes a person who is new to the spiritual path. According to the Bible, caged crickets symbolize a spirit trapped in a body or the talents caged within one’s own body.

The black cricket symbolizes a plague that destroys the crops and brings destruction and chaos. When black crickets appeared to destroy their crops, the farmers prayed to God to save them. The Lord sent seagulls to eat the crickets and save their crops. Thus, as long as a person has faith, a miracle would happen.

Cricket Eastern symbolism

Chinese believe that a chirping cricket is a sign of good luck. They link the chirping of cricket to music and crickets are given deep respect in Chinese culture. During the Tang dynasty, people caught crickets and kept them with themselves to hear them sing. 

Cricket symbolism has a great significance with the Chinese royal family. A movie named ‘The Last Emperor’ shows how a young emperor named Pu Yi caged a cricket behind his throne for the rest of his life. Crickets were important for Chinese farmers too. They helped the farmers decide when to sow the crops and when to harvest them. 

Since crickets lay a large number of eggs, people regarded crickets as a symbol of success and good luck. If someone was given a cricket, then it was seen as a wish for the family to have a lot of descendants. To date, the Chinese respect and admire crickets and see them as a sign of courage, fighting spirit, and summer.

In Japan, crickets were a symbol of autumn. Japanese also kept crickets as pets and loved hearing them sing. Crickets were a profitable trade product in the pet shops and markets. 

Cricket Symbolism in Africa

South Africans don’t mind crickets in their gardens but they are not allowed in the house and are considered a sign of bad omen if they ever enter a house. African crickets are quite notorious and aggressive and can destroy things.

According to a tale, the Parktown prawn cricket is not a natural existence but came to be due to a genetic experiment performed by some students. This is because as compared to other cricket species, it is an orange insect that is unusually robust and big. 

Crickets also symbolize power and strength. This is due to the armored bush crickets, who have bones and spines that act like armor and protect them from predators. They also can attack predators with their blood. Crickets also symbolize fertility, since the male crickets select virgin mates for conceiving. They do so to successfully transfer the gift of the spermatophore. 

Crickets also help predict rainfall and symbolize wealth, good luck, and prosperity. Moreover, it is said that crickets not only predict the weather but also an approaching new lover. Brazilians believe that if you see a  paquinha cricket digging through the dirt, it is a sign of an approaching storm or harvesting season. 

In Zambia, black crickets represent illness, grey crickets symbolize money, and green cricket symbolism is hope.

Cricket In Dreams Meaning

If you see a black cricket in your dream, it means that you are acting too irritated and cranky in a situation. The situation at hand doesn’t require such intensity of emotions but you are putting too much thought into it and overreacting about it. 

You need to focus on the positive things in life like your health and goals and not push away the people that care about you due to your attitude. You need to tone down your reaction to things and need to have a clearer outlook on situations. Thus, you must stop and think with a clear mind.

If you hear a cricket chirping in your dream, it means that you are going to receive a piece of good news and a new chapter is going to start in your life. If a cricket lands on you then it symbolizes anxiety and stress. It is a symbol that something is stressing you out. It can either be a situation or a person, and you are worried about your actions and words.

If a cricket enters your house and you accidentally step on it, it is a bad omen and you won’t get the result you have been expecting for a long time. It is a symbol of bad fortune and bad luck. If you dream about a dead cricket it means that you have made a wrong decision and soon you will have to face its consequences. 

The dead cricket symbolizes a tough and complicated life ahead for you. A jumping cricket symbolizes that someone is going to annoy you and if a cricket attacks you, it means that you have left some work undone. You need to complete your tasks. 

Cricket Spirit Animal

Cricket spirit animal brings good luck and tells you that you can achieve whatever you wish for. It helps fulfill all your wishes and informs you when there is an opportunity to achieve your goals so that you don’t miss any opportunity. It can help you accomplish anything.

The cricket spirit animal helps you succeed in your tasks and gives you opportunities to reach closer to your goal. You should be like a silent cricket that walks in the night and not make a fuss over your achievements. You should always stay calm and not praise yourself too much as it can make you egotistical. 

You need to be calm over your achievements. Of course, you should be happy about your work and celebrate your success but overpraising yourself and not moving forward with your work can become a barrier to your success. You should also work hard and complete your tasks gracefully. 

Don’t stop with your plans and keep working towards your goals. Don’t let success get to your head and stop you from moving forward. Always aim higher and work hard to achieve your goals. The cricket spirit animal will guide you throughout your life and hone your intuition and understanding of things.

It can enlighten you and help you connect with your inner self. It helps you discover your inner strength and talents. It helps you choose the right path to fulfill your goals and accompanies you on your journey. You should also pay close attention to the thoughts and ideas whirling in your mind. Your cricket spirit animal may send you ideas.

It can send signals and ideas to you to help you in difficult situations and guide you during troubled times. Find your inner strength, determination, and creativity and deal with the situation. No problem is tough as long as you trust yourself and have the willpower to fight through it.

The Cricket spirit animal symbolizes wealth and prosperity and you can always call for its help during financial troubles.

Conclusion-Cricket Symbolism & Meaning

Cricket symbolism is closely linked with hard work and good luck. It symbolizes wisdom and independence and encourages you to have your own thoughts and dance to your own music. It brings you hope and light in times of darkness and always assists you in times of need.

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