Dragonfly Symbolism & Meaning-The Ultimate Guide

Dragonfly Meanig & Symbolism

The dragonflies are beautiful insects that have been around for 300 Million years now. They have been sound here on this planet for so long and almost all over the world. Many cultures have seen them with their own eyes and with their meanings about the dragonflies.

Dragonflies are for sure colourful, eye-catching, and big enough to catch somebody’s attention easily. And these natural and amazing qualities of a dragonfly are seen by different people through their dragonfly meaning in their heads which are different from the people of any other culture.

Anything that you see in your life is not by chance. There is a meaning behind them.

Generally, a dragonfly is seen as a sign of a change in your life, a love for life, and having a great vision in difficult times.

It is said a dragonfly is a symbol of transformation and self-realization.

Dragonfly-Meaning And Symbolism 

Dragonfly, for sure, is significant in someone’s life. Their meaning and symbolism include that life is of high energy, colourful, and has a short life span that symbolizes living in the present moment.

It also shows the symbol of maturity as they live short lives in their adulthood. They also represent the new beginning, meaningfulness in life, and depth in a person. 

Dragonfly Meaning In Cultures

Dragonfly meaning in different cultures are different

Dragonfly In Swedish Culture

In Sweden, if the dragonfly goes around the neck of the person, that means the dragonfly is checking the purity of his soul.

It is said that to check if the soul is evil or not, if the person is bad, then they take the man to the jungle to punish him for his wrong deeds.

They come to take a bad soul, or it is related to some kind of tragedy that will happen or injury to the person in the future.

Dragonfly In Romanian Culture

In Romani culture, they are more related to evil and dark magic.

It is said they are the “tools of the devil”.The devil sends them to check the purity of people’s souls. In Roman culture, they are known as the Devil’s Needle. People who believe in the culture are afraid of their presence.

Dragonfly In Vietnamese Culture

In Vietnamese culture, the dragonfly is used for predictions about the weather.

If they fly high, that means it is going to be a sunny day, and if they fly low, that means it is going to rain, and if they fly somewhere in between, that means the sky will be covered with clouds.

Dragonfly In Japanese Culture

Japan is called the Island of the dragonflies. They are the symbol of happiness, courage, and success. They are of beautiful colour, and with energy, so they are also treated to art and poetry.

In Japan, a dragonfly is admired for its ability to against the enemy. In this case, it is a mosquito and does not hold back an attitude which is important for a Samurai.

The agility and the attitude made them admirable to even Samurais and try to have time after time, caught the attention of poets. There are many stories and poetry in which the dragonfly’s meaning has been shown by the Japanese people.

Dragonfly Native American Symbolism

In Native American culture, the dragonfly meaning for Native Americans is known as the medical animal. They believed that their spirits entered the body of men and women to assist them in medical purposes.

It is also the symbol of happiness due to the colour that a dragonfly has in its body and purity, speed, swiftness, and actively engaging in life. Moreover, the dragonfly’s meaning is that life is a constant process of change.

Dragonfly Chinese Symbolism

In Chinese legends, the dragonfly’s meaning is related to the Summer, change, and instability. In Chinese geomancy, “Feng shui” which believed to harmonize individuals with nature. In Feng shui, the dragonfly’s meaning is connected to happiness and new beginnings in the life journey. 

Dragonflies are furthermore used as a symbol for the spiritual process. And in ancient times, the Chinese people largely engaged in farming, so for them, it was a symbol of happiness and prosperity because they helped to hunt other insects down for their farms.

Dragonfly Encounters Meaning

The life of a dragonfly is full of energy and colourfulness and is short-lived.

The meaning of encountering a dragonfly is that your life can be impactful in terms of living to the fullest, the mindset of the present moment, agility, growth, transformation, colourful life, versatility in life, adaptation to difficult life situations, maturity, and it can be a message from the person is long gone but tries to connect with the loved ones in the form of dragonfly.

In some cultures seeing an adult dragonfly is not a good sign, but it is a sign of death after reaching adulthood. The dragonfly fly does not last much in adulthood.

They are at their peak of energy and vibrant colour. They can be found in many colours, some of which are the following. 

Red colour Dragonfly

Red is considered to be the colour of passion and living life with intensity.

In Japanese lore, the red dragonfly means autumn. In Native American cultures, it is associated with hope. A red dragonfly is a sign of longing for love and bringing changes in yourself.

Orange colour dragonfly-Meaning

Orange expresses the joy in life’s creativity and wellness in one’s life. An orange dragonfly meaning is associated with the need for attention to yourself for your well-being.

Blue colour dragonfly-Meaning 

Blue is the colour of faith, trust, and belief.

A blue dragonfly signifies the trust you need to have in yourself to go through life’s most challenging situations.

Yellow colour dragonfly-Meaning

It is a colour of playfulness and youth and represents high energy. A yellow dragonfly is a symbol of spiritual growth and is necessary for the next steps.

Green colour dragonfly-Meaning

The colour shows eco-friendliness, abundance, growth, and nature.

The green dragonfly represents the nourishing of your relationships and the need to take action for growth.

Black colour dragonfly-Meaning

The colour shows elegance and mystery. Dragonfly of black colour wants you to explore and solve the issue in your life.

Dragonfly Cultural Lores and Legends

Dragonfly in Japan

In Japan, the dragonfly is numerous, but Japan is also called the Island of the dragonfly, so in Japan, the dragonflies mean more to the Japanese people. And they have many more about them.

The Spirit of the rice plant, it was believed that dragonfly spirits help to grow rice paddies. This may be because the rice paddies need to be in standing waters and aquatic plants, which are important for them to grow and also creates a habitual environment for the dragonflies. Which people believed to be the spirit of the dragonfly, which people believed helped them to grow rich.

Samurai stories related to dragonflies. A dragonfly is seen as bold, fearless, and courageous in lore, and thus they were also known as the “victory insect”. A samurai need agility for war purposes, so for them, a dragonfly means victory or success over their enemies.

A story of a legendary Japanese emperor related to this is that once, the emperor was bit by a horsefly while he was out on the hunt. Before the horsefly came and bit him again, a nearby dragonfly killed the insect and ate it.

Dragonfly in China 

In Chinese lore, the dragonfly meaning is related more to harmony with the individual around us and with nature. If they enter the house through the doors or windows, it is believed that it is a sign of blessing, harmony, and love in the family. Legends say that when they arrive in your home means, the person who is sick in the home will rejuvenate quickly.

If they go around you, that means they are removing any evil eye or dark energy from you. For Farmers they are they bring prosperity to their life.

If they enter from the main door of the home, it is a sign that one’s career is going to face difficulties and lots of ups and downs.

Art of the dragonfly in your home means it will bring new awareness into your life, and constructive energy will remain in you.

Dragonfly in Sweden 

A dragonfly, meaning in Swedish lore, is quite terrible for the people. They can find out if someone is a liar or not, and they can sew and completely shut your eyes forever if you are a naughty kid.

Swedish, the name for the dragonfly is “Bindssticka” Blind Stinger, which means they can pick out your eyeballs. Another name for them is Scams Berman (Devil’s stockyard). This may be because of the body shape.

It is said that the Devil weighs the people’s souls with these insects. 

There are also some other dragonfly meanings like if a dragonfly goes around you, it is a sign something bad will happen, maybe some injury or punishment you will get.

Dragonfly Native American Symbolism

Dragonfly meaning in Native American lore is a symbol of purity, speed, and being actively engaged in life. They were seen as medical animals.

Tribes like Hopi and Pueblo called them medical animals; their spirits were called upon the men and women for medical assistance in the medical process. They bring healing and transformation to the population.

In pueblo tribes, it was forbidden to kill a dragonfly. In Navajo tribes, they were the symbol of water. People in Native America believe that the dragonfly of the present day were once big dragons.

Until a coyote( They were like a cultural hero in Native American culture) fooled a dragon to make a shapeshifting and was not able to change him back.

Dragonfly Spirit Animal

A spirit animal means it reveals your true personality about a particular animal. It can be any animal you see in your life regularly( without any intention to do so) and repeatedly, or you just can not stop thinking about the animal. These are the signs of a spirit animal. Do not miss them; they are here to guide you from the other side. 

If you have a spirit animal like a dragonfly, meaning is that

  • You can see a change in your life soon.
  • Insights about yourself and life.
  • It is the call for you to transform and evolve in life to reach your full potential.
  • Have a positive look in hard times.
  • It can be a message to explore your thoughts and emotions deeply.
  • Living a life with no limitations and being free in life.

Dragonfly Power Animal

Power animal reveals that the power of a particular animal possesses you, not you possess those powers. Make your things according to that animal characteristics.

Having a power animal, a dragonfly, meaning is that.

  • You have the power to inquire about yourself and the environment around you.
  • You can live life with full energy.
  • You are much more mature than the others.
  • You try to be the best of yourself.
  • Opportunities are what you look for to make yourself and the world a better place.

Dragonfly Totem Animal

A Totem animal is a spirit that protects you and guides you from the other side called the spiritual realm.

If you have Totem animal as dragonfly meaning that

  • It is time for you to change, learn and grow.
  • See things from different perspectives.
  • Self-exploration is the need of the hour.
  • A message from the angels to make powerful associates connect to higher purposes of life.
  • Sign of spiritual growth and next steps to be taken.

Dragonfly Tattoo Animal

People like to get inked, and they choose something to be inked in their bodies. It can’t be just any coincidence that you have inked something in your skin without any reason. These reasons are said to be from the spiritual realm, and you have to do those tattoos deliberately or unknowingly.

Tattoo animal as a dragonfly meaning is connected with the following

  • Sense of freedom, you know how much freedom you value, and you don’t want to compromise on your freedom.
  • A deep desire to live life to the fullest and with energy.
  • Time matters to you the most. You understand the biggest asset that you can ever have is time.
  • To test your full potential and how much you can do with life, and what things you can do.
  • Courageous in your actions and all the activities that you perform.
  • Self-inquiry, you want to know yourself more and explore everything that you have to offer in this world.

Dragonfly Dream Meaning

It is said that dreams are the message from the other world to the person who sees those dreams. Your dreams are the reflection of who you are, and they can sometimes give you a sneak peek into your future and the events which are important to you.

The dragonfly’s meaning in your dreams is special. It is not a coincidence that you have dreamed about them. These are the messages to you. For sure, they can not be ignored.

  • It can show you the change that you need to make in your life and prepare you for them.
  • A need to challenge yourself to grow to the full potential of who you are.
  • Maybe something is wrong in your life, and you just can’t figure it out. It can be a sign for you to self-introspection.
  • If you saw a dragonfly flying in your dreams, it means to be ready for the change soon.
  • If in your dream they came and attacked you, that means they are some deep down unexpressed emotions that need to be addressed now.
  • To face those emotions and come out with more clarity and strength from the emotion.
  • Dreams can be an acknowledgement of spiritual growth.
  • Need to take the next steps for spiritual growth.

Organizations protecting Dragonflies

There are more than 6000 species of dragonfly all over the world. But because of the slow extension of wetlands which have now either become urban areas or the land is destroyed by unsuitable agricultural methods.

Since the wetland ecosystems are going down in numbers, so do the dragonflies, as the habitual environment for a dragonfly is present in the wetland ecosystem.

Nearly th of the world’s dragonflies are at risk of extinction, according to the International Union For The Conservation Of Nature’s red list of threatened species.

Some organizations that strive for their protection are

  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Migratory Dragonfly
  • Worldwide Dragonfly Association 
  • Odonata Central
  • International Dragonfly Fund

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