Giraffe Symbolism & Meaning-The Ultimate Guide

Giraffe’s distinguishing feature is long legs and a long neck which makes a significant distance between their heart and mind.

This distance between mind and heart is seen by culture as a symbol of conflict between heart and mind when a person is in confusion or sometimes also related to spiritual worlds. Like this, there are many other Giraffe Symbolism in different cultures.

A Giraffe stands tall which makes it different from other mammals in the Jungle. The Giraffes are social animals that like to live in groups, they are always seen as the symbol of pride, which is seen in their walk. They are the animals of confidence. 

The Giraffe is native to the African continent which led to the creation of many meanings, symbols, and stories in the African cultures.

They are native to only the African continent so the mention of Giraffes in any other culture is directly not mentioned. Other cultures have mentioned them in their own ways which resemble the Giraffe’s qualities. 

Giraffe Symbolism and Meaning

What does a Giraffe Characterize?

Since giraffes are native to Africa the Giraffe’s distinct features are seen by the African cultures and created their own meanings around it. Here is Giraffe Symbolism in the culture.

  • Confidence

Giraffes are seen as animals that hold their head high so they become the symbol of confidence. They walk with pride and yet remain always calm and composed.

  • Uniqueness

The giraffe is a unique creature because of its traits. A giraffe is a powerful animal even Lions think twice before getting into a giraffe’s way but at the same time, they are open and social animals.

  • Spiritual Awakening

In African culture, they are seen as an animal who is in contact with gods. Maybe because people thought that they could hear what humans can’t with the help of a long neck.  

  • Messengers

They are always connected to the animals who can reach out to the heavens and have the ability to send messages from the highest of heavens to people.

  • Peace

Giraffes are generally seen as walking with pride and confidence in themselves. But their other traits like being social, and calming ability lead creation of other Giraffes symbolizing being peaceful no matter what the situations are.

Giraffe In African Culture

Most of the Giraffe Symbolism is from the African continent because originally they are found in only Africa. The African people have seen them as an animal of honor, grace, and farsightedness may be because of their long necks.

In Africa, there is much art that is dedicated to the giraffes which confirms the presence of giraffes on the continent for thousands of years. The oldest piece of art that is found was 8000 years old.

The giraffe is seen as the messenger of god which can stick out its head to the heavens and has the ability to bring back the message of God to humanity. The mention of the Giraffe is also found in native folklore. 

Giraffe in Christianity 

In Christianity, there is no direct mention of any animal which resembles the Giraffe Symbolism but in the Bible, there is a verse that tells about if you do not surrender to god the end is not going to be well, and if you do everything will turn out fine. Here quality is mentioned which is also the quality of giraffes that is the high neck.

People who keep their necks stiff too much and are in ignorance do not surrender to god they are for sure heading towards problems. The quality is said to lead to a bad end. Another mentioned giraffe in Christianity is by the name Chamois. The name Chamois is interpreted as giraffe by modern interpreters.  

Besides this, the giraffe is also mentioned in Noha’s Ark, a legend which is believed by christens. 

Giraffes in Mythology and Folklores

Beloe is about Giraffe Symbolism in Different Mythologies and Folklore

Giraffe in African Mythology and Folklores

In African culture, Giraffe Symbolism is seen as an honor. The giraffe is referred to as Thutlwa or “the honored one” in Botswana. One of the folklore of African culture is about how Giraffes get a long neck.

In Southern Africa, the Shona People have a tale about how a giraffe got a long neck. In the tale, when God created the creation and all the animals God used to talk with them. On a fine day, a giraffe named Twiga wants to hear what God is saying more clearly. So Twiga tries to scratch his head to heaven to hear what God is saying to them.

Seeing his sincere efforts God grants him the boon of a long neck. The boon was given to Twiga to help other animals get what God is trying to say. 

Another lore is about how the giraffe helped the sun to move uniformly. In the lore, when the time began every animal had a purpose in the world to fulfill but a giraffe was lacking to find his purpose. So he becomes sad about it and it is said that at that time the sun used to jump in the sky all the time. The sun is depicted as confused about where he should go. Seeing this giraffe helped the sun to move in a uniform motion and found his purpose to help other animals.

Another popular lore, in which the giraffe is mentioned, is from Aesop. Where a young gazelle wishes to get a long neck like a giraffe but soon the young realize that everyone is unique so be grateful for it. 

Giraffe in Christian Mythology And Folklores 

In Christianity, the high and stiff-necked person is seen as a person who will never receive any good in the end. The Giraffe Symbolism is a sign of a prideful person who does not listen to God. The mention of the giraffe is in the lore of Noah’s Ark which is believed to be true.   

Noah was a saint, who received the prophecy from God to save the people and all the animals from a universal flood. God told him to create a big Ark so that everyone can sit on it to be saved from the flood. Noah and his family were commanded to sit on the boat with other animals in which the Griffe is also mentioned to be in the Ark. 

Giraffe Dreams Meaning

Giraffe Symbolism & Meaning

Dreams are considered to be the reflection of what is going on and what will happen to a person in the near future. They are said to be the medium between the physical and spiritual world. Giraffe Symbolism is considered to be powerful and calm at the same time. If you have seen a giraffe in your dreams it may mean following things to you.

  • An encounter with a giraffe means that it is the time for a great change and right now it is the time to prepare for it.
  • Giraffe Symbolism in dreams represents the spiritual awakening in people’s life. Recently you must have gone through a great realization.  
  • The encounter with a giraffe in dreams means you need to get balance in your life. The dream signifies the imbalance between your mind and heart. 
  • Seeing too many giraffes in your dreams can mean that you are too proud of yourself. It is time to settle down and check if your ego is coming between you and other people. 

Giraffe As Spirit Animal 

A spirit animal influences your personality at a deep level. It is said that a particular animal reveals your true personality. It is believed that these animals choose you, you can’t choose them. The traits of an animal also become part of your personality. If you have a Giraffe Symbolism as a sprite animal it means following things to you. 

  • Giraffes are said to be peaceful animals so it is also true with your personality. People can feel your peaceful nature when you come into contact.
  • You always keep your head high. There can be two meanings related to this quality: one you know how to be calm and do not disturb by external situations and the meaning is you move with too much confidence or you keep an attitude of overconfidence and superior complexion.
  • You have deep insights into life. You are a true thinker you cannot remain sane without knowing anything in its eternity which makes you a perfectionist.

Giraffe as Power Animal

Power animal suggests that all the qualities of a particular animal will also belong to you. The resilience which you will get in difficult times. You can learn about your power animal to know your powers too. If your power animal shows Giraffe Symbolism that means you have the following quality and power.

  • As a giraffe has a long neck which helps him to see danger from a distance, if you have been blessed with a giraffe as your power animal that means you have strong intuitions.
  • You have that inner power to be in control of yourself when things outside have gone out of control. You understand that things outside do not always go as you wish but how you react to them is completely your choice.
  • You are just yourself. The most powerful thing that person can do to empower himself is to accept himself as it is. And if you have a giraffe as your power animal that means you possess this quality.

Giraffe Tattoo Meaning

People like to get inked and they choose something to be inked on their skin. It can’t be just any coincidence that you have inked something in your skin without any reason.

These reasons are said to be from the spiritual realm, which makes you do those tattoos purposely or unknowingly.  There is nothing in this world that you do without any reason behind it.

If you have a Giraffe Symbolism tattoo on your skin that means the following things.

  • Tattooing a giraffe on your skin brings farsightedness. The long neck of the giraffe helps him to see things from a long distance, something similar will happen to you. With a giraffe as your tattoo animal, you will also have farsightedness in your life.
  • In African cultures, a giraffe is related as a symbol of beauty. If you have tattooed Giraffe Symbolism on your skin it means it will bring beauty to your life.  
  • The giraffe is also connected to divine nature. If you have a giraffe as your tattooed animal, get ready to receive something that will help you to grow spiritually. 

Giraffe Totem Animal

In native Indian culture, a totem is said to be a force outside of our known world. Totems are the spiritual powers from the spiritual realm which are helping and giving guidance to you throughout your life.

The giraffe is a great totem animal to have in your life following can be the meaning of the giraffe totem animal.

  • If you have a giraffe as your totem animal that means you will always get guidance according to your long-term goals. As giraffes’ long necks help to see things that are far away.
  • If you have giraffes as your totem that means you will be blessed with patience. To achieve your goals which are right now far away from you, you must have the patience to walk towards the goal. 
  • Self-confidence and uniqueness are the qualities that a giraffe totem bestows on a person. You will be confident in every walk of your life and win people’s hearts with your unique personality.     

Are Giraffes An Endangered Species?

As far as we know, giraffes live on the African continent, and poaching has significantly reduced the giraffe population.

According to some estimates, the wild giraffe population has dropped by more than 40% during the past 30 years. Some species are experiencing severe reductions, such as the Kordofan giraffe, which has had its population decrease by about 90% over the past 40 years. The same is true for Nubian giraffes, whose numbers have decreased by 98%.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the gold standard for assessing endangerment, has declared the giraffes as “vulnerable” species which means they are going for an extension. 

Now only around 68000 wild giraffes are left in the wild. The reasons behind this are hunting, civil wars in Africa, and the loss of habitat.

Some of the organizations which are striving to protect the giraffes are:

  • Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF)
  • The Born Free Foundation
  • African Wildlife Foundation
  • Giraffe Conservation Alliance
  • Wildlife Nature Institute Runs Project Giraffe

Conclusion-Giraffe Symbolism & Meaning

The giraffes have been present on the African continent for more than 8000 years. The span of their presence has led to the creation of various Giraffe Symbolisms in African cultures.

The African people see them as an animal of divine nature because of some native lore about giraffes. They are seen as honorable animals worth their honor.  

With such a long history and amazing lore about them now the giraffes are in danger because of human activities which just began in the last 5 to 6 decades of time. But now some organizations have taken the agenda of saving the wild population of giraffes to again make them indispensable animals living peacefully in Africa.

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