Goat Symbolism & Meaning-The Ultimate Guide

Goat Symbolism & Meaning

The goat is one of the first domesticated animals by humans almost around 10,000 years before. Thus, all the cultures over the globe have mythological stories and folklore about goats.

Goats are emotionally empathetic creatures, they are known for their ability to soothe other animal beings, and even for humans goat is a valuable friend.

Talking along the lines of a soothing friend for animals, goats are used as an ‘emotional support for racing horses. Because of such playful and emotional quotient, goats are often compared with other popular animal babies such as dogs and cats. 

Goats are creatures full of surprises with adaptable temperaments. Each human being, animal, bird, and mammal has a specific set of attributes associated with them.

As the world is all about diversity, each and every culture has a specific interpretation and symbolism for every living entity on earth, be it a bird, an animal, or a mammal.

In this article, you will get an insight into different cultural symbolism of goats, and other symbolic interpretations of goats. 

Symbolism Of Goat- What does A Goat Characterize?

Well, we are familiar with the glamour of other house pets. The playful and intellectual emotional personality of a goat might not be seen in the first interaction.

But again you will be utterly surprised after reading this article.

Goats are primarily known for their adaptable temperament. Well-refined emotional quotient, empathy, sturdiness, and of course these creatures are bull-headed. Let’s dive deeper into these symbolistic characteristics of goats. 

  • Sure-footed
  • Desire and Lust 
  • Creativity  
  • Faith 
  • Stubbornness 
  • Inspiration
  • Peace 
  • Adaptability 
  • Determination 


Most of us have seen the photos of goats enjoying the near-vertical slopes, where we might not be able to even stand without years of training. It is beyond human imagination to understand how these goats and even their younger ones enjoy doing this. This action of the goat can be a perfect representation of the idiom ‘slowly and steadily wins the race.

More like an artist or rock climbers or mountain climbers create their zone where the whole world is on a canvas or at the peak of the mountain. Goats symbolize the same, be immensely dedicated to things and be completely focused, watch your step and have a strong grip on your thoughts. 

Desire and lust: 

We all have heard about the sexuality, fertility, and virility of goats. No one needs an introduction to the lust and desires of goats for sexual interactions.

The courting techniques of male goats to lure doe( female goat) is interesting at the same time utterly shocking. Goats are perfect symbols of lasciviousness and lust.

In some cultures, goats are associated with deities of lust, love, and fertility. As it is said lust-have fifty shades, goats experience all the positive and negative experiences all positive and negative sides of lust.

Having stubborn and high testosterone in goats may lead to other tantrums. If you are known to be a  goat or have a goat spirit animal, you better be keen on your desired and wild thoughts. 


When a mind is a home to untamed lust ad emotions, it either results in art or revolution or total apocalypse. All the lust and desires act s the fuel for creativity in goats.

Goats are determined to find greener pastures and creatively escape the dumb predators. When a goat makes itself known to you, it means it is an indication to honor your skills and polish the same skills to pave your way to success. 


The best way to survive harsh life situations is to have an easily adaptable nature. Goats are known to survive in harsh habitats.

Use their clever heads to make sure to choose the place of residence where there are fewer natural predators.

Goats aspire for humans to become more adaptable in life. The goat is a proper symbol of survival and signifies the ray of sunshine after the long span of pain and darkness. 


We have seen goats on the steep slopes of mountains where the possibilities of survival or being stable are next to impossible.

Still, goats climb the mountain with determination and overcome all the obstacles to just make sure they reach their destination. It means goat is a humongous symbol indicating to have the willingness to chase down every obstacle coming your way.


After knowing half of the personality of a goat, it can be said it is one of the hardest and most beneficial animals to own as a pet.

Farmers are usually the owners of goats, their ability to adapt to the harsh living conditions and survive on less food makes them the perfect fit for farmers.

The goat is a symbol of determination, keeping an eye on a goal, and having a strong will to overcome all obstacles. 


In many cultures, goats are sacrificed as holy offerings to gods and goddesses. These animals are non-aggressive by nature and one of the most peaceful and calming animal species on earth. Goats are symbols of peace and harmony. 


Well, this is the very less known trait of a goat. Goats are bull-headed creatures. They are stubborn and very hard to deal with.

Goats don’t like to be controlled and are very strong-willed. They want to be free birds and are very comfortable disrespecting commands and orders. It means if you are the one with a strong character, that means the trait of stubbornness can be portrayed by a goat spirit animal. 

Goat In Mythology and Folklore

Goats have been a pet animal for years. They have been living with humans since 8000 BC. In cultures all across the globe, there is folklore about goats. 

Enki or EA 

In Mesopotamian civilization, Enki or EA is the creator god. Enki or EA is described to have the anatomy of half-goat and half-fish. Enki was the ruler of water and creativity. 

Ancient Egypt

 In ancient Egyptian civilization, the goat symbolizes fertility and creativity. Khnum, the protector god of ancient Egyptians was portrayed as a half-goat and half-human. Khnum was also associated with creativity and there is an old belief that Khnum created the river, Nile.

Banebdjedet, another god with a body of half-bull and half-man is mentioned to reside in the southern lower part of Egypt. Banebdjedet and his wife gave birth to the god Horus, a falcon-headed baby.

Greek and Roman Mythology.

Greek and Roman mythology has always had some amazing stories related to these mystical creatures. Bachus, the God of partying and Roman representation of Bachus, Dionysus drank dark wine and roamed around in chariots pulled by goats. There is a tale of God Zeus being nursed by the goddess Amalthea, in the caves of Aigaion mountain. In some stories, the goddess Amalthea was portrayed as a goat. 

God pan, another Greek god, and Faunus were portrayed to be lustful, and flute playing. These gods were big partiers and Faunus and Pan were depicted as having the horn, ears, and legs of a goat. 

Greek mythology has always been sensual. Another big partier Greek God was named Satyrs. Initially, Satyrs were described as nature spirits and over time they started to resemble God Pan. They were portrayed to have the bodies of humans and the back legs of horses. 

Goat Native American symbolism

Domestic goats are not mentioned in legends of Native American mythology. Mountain goats still have some significance in cultural roots.

Some tribes living on the Northwestern coast of the United States used the weaved blanket of goat’s hair and considered it to be auspicious. In some stories, the goal symbolism is all about the sky and spirits. 

Goat Eastern Symbolism 

The goat is the eighth animal in the Chinese zodiac. People born in the month of the same zodiac tend to have traits of gentleness, stability, shyness, and strong conscience filled with a keen eye for justice. Men of the goat zodiac tend to be more mature and family-oriented humans and on the other hand females are dependable. 

Goat symbolism in Christianity 

In biblical times, goats were used as the source of milk. And goats were very close to families. The Old Testament referred to goats as devilish creatures. 

Isaiah 13:21, in these hymns satyrs, were viewed as demons. In ancient times people considered goats to be friends but the counterpart of the story is a goat being associated with lewdness. The roots of this belief go back to Roman and Greek mythology of God Pan. 

Have you heard the term ‘Scapegoat’?

If yes, then here is one of the tales associated with scapegoats. Goats are generally offered as a holy sacrifice in many cultures. The first practice of goat sacrifice goes back to 2400 BC. In this ritual, one pair of goats was selected. From this pair, one goat was sacrificed and another goat was supposed to be left in the wild. Although this is another goat, that was burdened with negative issues and torment of people. The second goat is considered to be a scapegoat. The story of Scapegoat has its roots in Leviticus 16:8-10. 

Goat Celtic Symbolism 

Celt mythology associated goats with fertility and virility. The Celtic God named Cernunnos was depicted as having horns and antlers. He was the goad of nature, forest, wild animals, and abundance.

The story of an evil seductress, Glaistig, is very famous. She would lure men and offer them sexual favors. And at the end of the story, suck their blood out. 

In old Irish legends, fairy-like creatures called Pooka used to roam around the mountains of Ireland. These creatures were often considered devils. The term Pooka is roughly translated as goats. Another, Poc fair is also one of the most interesting elements mentioned in ancient Irish tales. 

Hinduism’s Goat Symbolism 

In the legends of Hinduism Vedic God of Fire, Agni is portrayed to ride chariots pulled by goats. The goddess Kali, the goddess of death and fierceness is depicted riding a black goat. People used to sacrifice goats to these deities as holy sacrifices. 

Another Hindu legend talks about the God Naigamesha. God Naigamesha is considered to be the protector of children and fertility. Daksh, the father of Goddess Sati was beheaded by Lord Virbhadra, the incarnation of Lord Shiva. And then Daksh was resurrected with the head of a goat. 

Goat Encounters and Omen 

A goat is a symbol of many positive traits such as inspiration, creativity, adaptability, desires, lust, determination, and peace and the list is endless. Goats have been associated with goodness in most cultures. 

When having interaction with a goat that means it is an indication to be slow and gradually reflect on your life. The characteristic of sure-footedness is something that asks you to find answers to questions such as, are you living into the moment? Have you chosen the path mindfully? Are you enjoying the journey? 

Goat symbolism is diverse, you can evaluate your situations with a basic understanding of a goat’s behavior and personality traits. Having an interaction with a goat can be a symbol of interacting with life situations bravely, pulling up your survival kits to face darker times, and then being ready to get bathed in soothing conditions and a better future. 

Goat Spirit Animal 

Goats in general are carnal, affectionate, and creative beings. These creatures are mindful, easy-going but stubborn.

The goat spirit animal is known to have their paths bravely. A goat spirit animal is considered to be a reliable and stable guardian when a goat makes itself known to you, it is in your best interest to note it. The goat spirit animal is going to be the torch bearer to guide the path and provide you with determination and a strong will to overcome potential obstacles. 

Goat spirit animal will provide you with mindfulness to take slow and steady steps in your journey to make sure you don’t have a downfall.

The adaptable temperament of goats is well known and the goat spirit animal reflects the same quality of adaptability. In difficult times, when called upon, a goat spirit animal will provide you the strength and intellect to breathe those hard times and be stable enough to move forward. 

Another characteristic of the goat spirit animal is having undying faith.

When you choose your aim and are willing to work to reach the peak, the goat spirit animal will make sure to water the seeds of faith in your psyche. Goat spirit animals are angels who look after you and provide an abundance of positive qualities. If a person has a spirit animal as a goat, it means that person is a sexual and determined creature. A person with a goat spirit animal will find the way to their goals no matter what.  

Goat as a Totem Animal 

If you have a goat as your totem animal, then it is sure you have a strong and stubborn personality. The goat totem animals will serve your manifesting abilities. The practicality of being present and preserving is the key feature of the goat totem. Goat as a totem animal reflects creativity and determination. The Mountain goat totem reflects traits such as fearlessness and fortitude. 

Goat in Dreams Meaning

Here is the list of a few interpretations of goat symbolism in dreams. 

  • If you have been dreaming about goats recently, it means it is a symbol indicating positive omens. It means you are in a good and stable place. It also means 
  • Another interpretation of seeing a goat in a dream can be the indication of a new upcoming adventure. It means you are going to have a revolutionary experience of independence. 
  • There are both negative and positive omens when seeing a goat. If you see a goat, it means you might be heading towards the hard phase of your life. And this dream of a goat is an indication to be prepared. 

Goat Tattoo Meaning

Goat tattoos are a representation of a goat’s characteristics.

When a person is having a tattoo of a goat, it means it is a visual representation of their inner traits such as strong willpower, determination, creativity, and excitingly high libido.

Another interpretation of goat tattoos is dark and gothic stuff. People with goat tattoos might be into Roman and Greek mythology and have a keen eye for occult imagery. 

Goat symbolism is all about innocence, playfulness, mindfulness, and stubborn intellect. Goats are empathetic and soothing creatures.

Goat Symbolism & Meaning-Conclusion

While domesticated goats are in abundance, they are viewed by most people as property instead of the sentient beings that they are. They are vulnerable to abuse.

Goats are used by humans for their milk, meat, and their coats, so they are vulnerable to exploitation.

If you care about goats and their welfare, please do what you can to protect them.

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