Ladybug Meaning & Symbolism-The Ultimate Guide

 Ladybug Meaning & Symbolism

What Does a Ladybug Symbolise?-An Overview

Ladybugs are small beetles that are known for their bright red and dotted patterns. However, Ladybugs not just appear in this beautiful vermillion but also in bright Lemon yellows, orange, and with a multitude of patterns. They are flamboyant and beautiful creatures of nature.

The patterns of these animals are eye-catching and generally found to have all sorts of symbolic meanings. They are thought to be a way of nature to communicate with us. 

Ladybug Meaning:

Ladybug symbolises good luck, innate talent, protection, evolution, and recovery. 

Innate Talent 

Ladybug meaning is talent. They are considered to be farmer’s friends as they stop many pest infestations and are considered one of the best natural pest control methods.

Aphids are pests that frequently infect the tender part of leaves and buds. These aphids come in a variety of colours: black, green, yellow and white. Black aphids are highly dangerous and consume the nutrients of the plants.

These pests lead to heavy losses for farmers as well as gardeners. These aphids infest the plants and hinder their growth. The leaves wilt and flowers no longer bloom.

Our dear ladybugs consume these tireless pests and help save the plants. They consume more aphids before reaching maturity compared to their fully grown stages.

So, Finding a Ladybug on flowering plants fills the gardeners and farmers with feelings of safety and protection.

Ladybugs also possess the talent to play dead. Many predators prefer live prey, and Ladybugs can act like they are dead to avoid potential predators.

They also release certain odours during their act to manipulate the predator even more. Ladybugs symbolise the talent within everyone and the need to utilise it incessantly.

It’s a gentle reminder from these small beetles that every one of us is blessed with talent, and using it is what makes us shine.


Ladybugs are small creatures, but they have excellent protective skills. Their beautifully coloured shells protect the wings, which help the Ladybug in flying away from predators when required.

In the animal kingdom, we often see that the prey colour themselves in bizarre colours to warn the predators and Ladybugs use this very tactic.

Ladybugs also play dead to protect themselves and release an odour that fools potential predators. These itsy-bitsy creatures are exceptionally good at protecting themselves.

Ladybug meaning is to protect yourself, your family and your loved ones. They might be a gentle reminder of how you don’t need to be big but just a little smart to protect yourself.


Like many other forms of life, Ladybugs evolve to survive. They moult and shed their skin 4 times before they reach their final maturity.

They are primarily in the shape of alligators during this process. Alligators are considered to be symbols of regeneration and good luck.

We, too, as human beings, are required to go through moulting and shedding to reach a stage of maturity. We are juvenile and childish even when we reach adulthood if we do not evolve.

It’s painful, hard and time-consuming, but at the end of the day, this process helps us become the best version we can be.

It also allows us to see the world in a different light. 

These little bugs undergo a tedious and long process to become the protectors of our garden.

Ladybug meaning is evolution. They tell us to shed the skin, moult and become someone better and evolved. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Ladybug doesn’t get its protective instincts over a night. It hones those skills and becomes a full-fledged creature while urging us to do the same.

Good luck


It makes gardeners and farmers incredibly happy to see Ladybugs on their plants. They are protectors, and hence this allows them to think their plants are safe.

The presence of Ladybugs ensures an abundant harvest. In many cultures, it is considered to be extremely lucky for these Ladybugs to land on you. If you are frequently spotting these flamboyant creatures, you are in wait for something good.

It is considered good luck if Ladybugs appear during auspicious events. If they appear during childbirth, it is believed that the child will be blessed with the devil’s luck.

Red Ladybugs are more promising as the colour red is found auspicious in many cultures and signifies prosperity.

Ladybug meaning is good luck and prosperity. If the ladybug is bright red with 7 dots, it’s considered auspicious. The number “7” is considered nature’s favourite. Everything good and significant comes in the number 7. 


Our bodies are made in incredible ways, they can run, lift and do multiple tasks, but most importantly, they are self-healing.

In the wild, the injured animals enter a deep stage of rest while being protected by their kin. This period of rest helps in healing. The body repairs itself in ways that are not possible by modern medicine.

Ladybug meaning is healing. They heal themselves and plants. Ladybugs find the creaks of logs and tiny holes to heal and rejuvenate.

They hibernate during the months of winter to combat the extreme cold. They heal and help the plants. If the plants are affected by aphids and are slowly wilting,

Ladybugs eat away the aphids helping the plant to grow, which is often seen in the form of new tender leaves.

Ladybugs remind us to take a step back to rejuvenate our minds and body. They help us remember the kind of amazing bodies we are born with while teaching us the lost art of self-healing. 

Ladybug as a Spirit Animal

Everybody has a spirit animal, the one which signifies and guides us through our journey. It also means that person shares some characteristics with the animal in question.

Ladybug is an uncommon spirit animal. We all want our spirit animals to be big, bulky and strong. However, our little friend is here to make us understand that strength is not everything.

Ladybugs are here to tell you that it is important to utilise your talents. Ladybug meaning is talent. Every single person who steps on this earth is blessed with innate talent, it might seem insignificant, but if you use it prudently, you can be outstanding.

The talent of Ladybug may seem pointless, but Ladybugs heal our plants and protect themselves, proving us wrong. It matters not the size of your body or how trivial your talent may be, make use of it, and you will be marvellous. 

Ladybug Power Animal 

Ladybugs are tiny yet strong. They lay on plants with their beautiful, vibrant colours and patterns that put fashion designers to shame. They protect their wings with shells.

They connect with other lifeforms and feel their energies. This allows them to understand the torment of plants while pests suck their life energy. This also helps them sympathise with and heal the plants.

They also warn their predators to keep away. They do not possess horns or claws but the simple colour of their shell. They really embody the concept that Power is not in size. They mark their territory in this unimaginable way, all while looking incredibly beautiful.

Ladybug Tattoo Meaning

Ladybugs are popular tattoo designs. They are small, brightly coloured and auspicious. Ladybug meaning is good luck, protection, talent, grace, evolution and recovery.

They are said to be saviours from above. They are sent by Mary, Mother of Christ, to save our crops. They are opted as tattoos to signify strength and beauty. They can also be tattooed to remind you to rest and rejuvenate. 

Ladybug Totem 

Ladybugs are considered highly auspicious, and spotting them would ensure the success of your goals. If they appear in marriages, the marriage will be successful and full of love.

If they appear in ceremonies of childbirth, the child will live to be successful and have the devil’s luck. 

However, it also means bad luck if the ladybugs are ignored. In an encrypted way, it is nature saying that ignoring the signs of happiness and luck while brooding and whining for better will only lead to one’s downfall.

Ladybug Symbolism In Religion

In Christianity 

It is believed that Ladybugs were traditionally called “Birds of Lady”. Here the term bird is used to describe the flying capacity of Ladybug while ‘Lady’ signifies Mary, Mother of Christ.

It is said that these creatures flew from heaven under the command of Mother Mary to help the farmers protect their plants, and hence these little creatures are treated with respect and are considered auspicious.

The colour red of Ladybugs is associated with sacrifice and cleansing as it resembles the blood of Christ who bled for our sins.

In Judaism

These little bugs are considered to be the “Little calves of Moses” as they are highly useful to humans.

Ladybug Mythology and Folklore 

Almost all cultures in the world consider Ladybug to be a creature of good luck. Ladybugs are ancient creatures present long before the birth of human civilisation. 

Native Americans and Ladybugs

Native Americans were an ingenious race who were deeply connected with nature and land. They played instruments that sounded like the wind and moving water. They considered animals and plants to be sacred.

They considered beetles to be associated with fertility. They also believed in sorcery, and any harm to these creatures would bring extremely bad luck. They are said to bring down rain with their song of dance.

Ladybug Meaning in China

China considers red a colour of extreme prosperity and good luck. Any auspicious ceremony is always done while being donned in beautiful red garments. It is also used to signify wealth.

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of decorating homes to bring good luck, recommends the use of Ladybug statues in rooms.

Ladybug Meaning in Britain

“Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home.

Your house is on fire, and your children will burn. Except for little Nan, who sits in a pan, weaving gold laces as fast as she can!”

This is a popular rhyme known to many but let’s talk about its origin. Farmers during medieval England usually set their vines on fire after getting their harvest.

This was a dreadful song that was sung to warn the Ladybugs to move away and find a new home. However, the ladybug’s children that cannot fly remain and burn. Hence it’s a rhyme with horrifying origins.

Another meaning was also considered, these tiny bugs “burnt” the plague of plants that is by killing aphids. It is also a popular practice among children to release the Ladybirds while singing this rhyme. This rhyme also has many counterparts in different languages. 

Ladybug Symbolisation in France

The ladybug meaning in France is recovery and healing. It is said that Ladybugs carry away your disease if they land on you. Ladybugs also carry your wish directly to the heavens, and hence it is popular to make a wish and release these little creatures.

Ladybug is also considered to be associated with Mary, Mother of Christ. These little bugs are the saviours that are sent by Mother Mary to protect our plants. They also provide a gift of life and stop the punishments undeserved.

In a popular Folklore from France, a criminal was ordered to be executed by King Robert II. The executioner was just about to behead the criminal but had an unexpected guest of honour, the little ladybug. It landed on the neck of the accused criminal and refused to budge.

Killing a ladybug would mean getting yourself bad luck, and hence the sentence was delayed, and the man was saved. A few days later, the actual criminal confessed to the crime, and they let the wrongly accused man leave. This goes on to tell us that Ladybugs can be saviours of God and protect the innocent. 

Ladybug Meaning in Belgium

In Belgium, people believed that if a Ladybird crawled across any young maiden’s hand, she would be married within a year.

They also believed that counting the number of spots on the back of a ladybug would tell you the number of children the lady would conceive.

Ladybug Meaning in Japan 

The traditional Japanese believed that the Ladybirds can understand human language and that they were a path to heaven. 

Ladybug Meaning Norse Mythology

In Norse Mythology, the ladybirds were sent from heaven to earth by the crowd favourite, Thor. It is said that he threw down the Ladybugs with a strike of lightning to help plants.

There is a Hindu equivalent where Ladybugs are considered to be Indra’s shepherds.

Ladybug Dream Meaning

Dreams are said to be our subconscious emotions and heaven’s way of trying to communicate with us. Every dream can be analysed and dissected in many ways.

Ladybug meaning in the dream is related to finance. If you have a dream about Ladybug, it can usually mean that you might be going through some financial problems, and you are going to rise to the top shortly after overcoming the problems.

It can also mean that you suffer from self-esteem issues and these little bugs are here to bring up your confidence. They can also mean that your loved one has reincarnated in some other place.

Ladybug in Danger

Ladybirds are in danger due to the indiscriminate use of pesticides. We, as humans, are destroying a beautiful gift with our own hands.

We are introducing harmful chemicals and killing the natural means of pest control. The ladybirds are disappearing at a rapid rate, and it is leading to concerns among conservationists. Ladybugs are also facing threats in North America and Europe due to the invasion of non-native species.

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They have not made it into the IUCN conservation lists, and we as people need to make sure that these little species are protected.

Some organisations are striving hard to get them unto the conservation list. The concerned foundations are the Lost Ladybug Project, Adopt a ladybug and Buglife. Let us extend our support to these organisations to protect the ones that protected us!


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