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Nikon Laserforce Vs Vortex Fury

As a long stint with outdoors and having avid hunters in my family, I am enjoying hunting and fishing for a long time. With my experience, I must tell you that having quality equipment can be a big game-changer while you are at your next hunting trip.

As a hunter the more equipment you carry the heavier your burden becomes. So, how is the idea of getting one equipment instead of two? Obviously, It’s great to have one unit instead of two.

A binocular with in-built laser rangefinder comes in handy while hunting which combines the two most important capabilities of finding the range and looking to your target. So, whatever you are looking at, The laser can find the range at the push of a button.

Over the years I had the chance to test a wide range of hunting equipment while doing our field trips for the big game seasons and shooting trips.

With my experience, here I compare two of the most prominent rangefinders available in the market; Nikon Laserforce 10X42 Binocular Rangefinder Vs Vortex Fury 10X42 Binocular rangefinder.

Both combine a quality binocular optics and a very capable easy to use laser rangefinder technique.

Comparison Table of Vortex Fury Vs Nikon Laserforce Rangefinder Binoculars

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Nikon Laserforce Rangefinder Binocular

Nikon is a prominent name in camera equipment and has come up with high-quality rangefinder binoculars.

Nikon Laserforce is equipped with an advanced ID function(Incline/Decline) which gives fairly accurate reading even when the target is at an incline or decline.

Control buttons are well placed on top of the rangefinder unit, with the mode button immediately in front of the ranging power on-off button.

The ED (Extra Dispersion) glass performs well over long sessions of your big game hunting and keeps the eye fatigue-free).

Each ocular lens is individually adjustable for focus with good rubber end caps

The ultra-high-quality glass corrects chromatic aberration, which results in high contrast and high-resolution images.

They are a must for a long-range hunter and give near accurate reading below 1000yards for animals like deer and could be up to 1900yards for highly reflective surfaces.

For a bow hunter also the rangefinder is useful as it can measure distances as close as 10 yards.

The focus wheel and range button feel nice and silent to experience.

The menu contains four OLED brightness levels with yards or meter readings, a nice feature useful in varying light conditions from midday to dusk.


♦ Crystal Clear Optics with bright and sharp glass

♦ The rangefinder is accurate and quick to the range.

♦ The rubber protective coating is very comfortable and non-slip which makes it easy to hold and fit in the hand

♦ The continuous ranging feature gives reading for a moving target

♦ 320ft fov at 1000yards provides a clear field of view. 

♦ Four intensity settings for a variety of brightness with an OLED display

♦ 10-1900 yard range

♦ Incline/Decline (ID) technology


♦ Clear and sharp focus.

♦ Lightweight than the other counterpart.

♦ Long Battery Life

♦ The rangefinder is quick to the range.

♦ Good rubber end caps provide a good fit

♦ Auto shut off power after 10 seconds preserves battery life

♦ Suitable for eyeglass wearers also.

♦ Waterproof and fog proof

♦ The lead-free and arsenic-free glass used for making the binoculars

♦ No questions asked lifetime warranty


♦ Some yellow tint in the image

♦ Battery life can be a complaint to some people.

♦ Buttons can be slightly raised to make it easy to feel with bare or gloved hands

♦ Collects dust and dirt easily while in use

Vortex Fury 10X42 Laserfinder Binocular

Vortex, as we all know, is really known to create terrific binoculars.

Extremely high-quality optics based on already successful viper HD binoculars combined with range finding capability makes up the Vortex Fury 10X42 Laser Rangefinding binoculars.

The fury is fitted with angle compensated rangefinder mode (HCD mode) for fairly accurate horizontal distance to the target. Also, the Scan function provides you continuous range reading for moving targets.

Vortex fury also seems to be pretty simple to use.

There are only range and menu buttons as control options which frees your other hand to hold and control your other hunting equipment.

The lens coating is anti-reflective and fully multicoated. Dielectric phase-corrected prisms combined with the lens technology makes you see clearly in low light conditions too. The glass is good and performs reasonably in low light conditions

The fury is fog proof and waterproof with rubber armouring casing which makes fury ready for the harshest of weather conditions.

Take the fury with your bow or rifle and you will certainly have an extraordinary companion.


♦ Nitrogen Gas Purging and O-ring sealed makes the binoculars waterproof and fog-roof.

♦ The display contains a battery life indicator.

♦ Tracking feature while the target is moving.

♦ Switch between yard and meters for ranges

♦ Five brightness setting with best and last target modes

♦ Proprietary XR coatings for maximum light transmission

♦ prism-specific dielectric phase correction coatings applied to the lenses

♦ 10-1000 yards range for soft targets, 10-1600 yards range for reflective hard targets


♦ It feels and looks good.

♦ Carrying the binoculars around is easy

♦ Provides lifetime warranty

♦ Waterproof and fog proof

♦ provided with rubber ocular lens covers

♦ Useful in low light conditions i.e from morning till late evening


Slightly Bulkier

Long close distance focus.

Nikon Laserforce Vs Vortex Fury Detailed Comparison

Construction Quality

Quality of construction and glass finish is very comparable between the Nikon and Vortex, even If you choose anyone it will not be a mistake on this part.

Although, when I compared them both side by side Nikon Laserforce with regard to glass quality, brightness and clarity slightly edge over Vortex Fury rangefinder binoculars.

Construction Material and Feel

Vortex fury combines a dielectric coated prism with a solid super hard lens coating.

The components are enclosed in a casing that is guaranteed to perform in the harshest of environments.

Nikon Laserforce also provides a lightweight aluminum alloy metal chassis and makes a strong set of binoculars.

Both Binoculars are waterproof and fog proof.

One downside to the Nikon laser force the mushy rubber coating. Sand and dust stick to the body like glue.

Both employ roof prism types and Diopters on both the rangefinders are of twist type and easy to set.


Nikon laser force is slightly lighter measuring 30.9 ounces as compared to 31.8 ounces Vortex fury thanks to the die-cast lightweight aluminum metal casing.

Performance Consideration

Both have the same objective lens diameter that is 42mm and magnification 10X. The resolution and contrast provided by both the rangefinder binoculars are up to the mark and of excellent quality.

However, I felt the Nikon Laserforce ranges furthur and slightly quicker than the Vortex Fury on an overcast day.

Both have the same display quality, although I felt the clarity can be improved in both the devices.

Field of View

Nikon FOV at 1000 yards is 320 feet while fov at 1000yards for vortex fury comes to be around 314.4-6 feet which is slightly smaller. Clearly, Nikon slightly edges over Vortex fury with regard to the field of view.

Eye relief(Comfort)

The Nikon Laserforce 15.5 mm eye relief is edged out by the Vortex fury 16mm eye relief. Thus, in regards to eye relief, the Vortex Fury Rangefinder Binos is the winner with a tiny margin.

Value for Money/Price Consideration

Both rangefinders are available almost at the same price point.

Range Finder

The vortex fury rangefinder has a maximum range of 1600 yards as quoted by the company, the ranges also are fairly accurate when the target is at an angle(HCD Feature) from your vision, thanks to the several modes of the laser rangefinder.

On the ground, for a non-reflective target, the Vortex fury’s rangefinder performs best when the target is within 1000 Yards. Also, a slight delay in rangefinder reading is observed.

However, The Nikon Range finder readings came to be instantaneous and without any lag for targets within 1000 yards. For ranges more than 1000 yards a second delay comes up in readings.

Nikon claims the overall range to be 1900 yards which is very impressive. Angle compensation feature lets you determine the horizontal distance when the target is a at an angle, Nikon Calls it ID(Incline/Decline) technology.

For a real-world scenario, the ranges of both the binoculars are more than adequate, however the winner is Nikon Laserforce when we look into the overall range consideration.


Both the Vortex fury and Nikon Laserforce has lifetime warranties with no questions asked on the rangefinder unit, electronics and glasses.

Laser Function

Vortex Fury’s laser feature is reliable and with high accuracy, although reading display is slightly slower than the Nikon Laserforce rangefinder binoculars.


Both the Binoculars seem to be highly capable and a premium pair and it’s a tough decision to choose between the two.

Both come at the premium price tag than the regular binoculars, but owing to the quality optics, build, features and, capability the price tag is more than worth it.

Whatever you choose you wouldn’t regret choosing any of them for your next hunting season or an awesome wildlife viewing experience.

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