Swarovski 10x42 El Range Binoculars With Range Finder Review

When you’re on the hunt, time is of the essence. You must have the quick capabilities to look, assess, measure and hit within seconds. If you’re looking for the best Swarovski binoculars on the market, the Swarovski 10x42 EL range binoculars with Range finder will turn your hunting trip into a memorable experience. With the right blend of ergonomics and options, you won’t have to worry about compromise on your next hunting adventure.

Swarovski Optik sets the highest standards for their binoculars in regards to functionality, design, optics and quality. Their team of nature lovers knows exactly what’s important to the user. With razor sharp imaging, angled measurement and precise range, the EL Range allows you to enjoy a successful hunt. Long-range optics provides additional comfort to the device.

Best Binoculars For Deer Hunting

I bought the Swarovski 10x42 El Range binoculars with rangefinder for hunting deer and elk. Since I already purchased the Leica, I wanted to see how the binoculars compared with the other options. The EL is more comfortable and balanced. Plus the ergonomics are much better than the other options on the market today. I found the slope and rangefinder to perform flawlessly. The overall clarity and field of view were amazing, and I wasn’t prepared for the view that the binoculars brought to my hunting trip. Because of the quality and craftsmanship, I see these as the best rangefinder binoculars that will last a long, long time. From my experience I can say undoubtedly this best rangefinder binoculars is the best binoculars for deer hunting. 

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Key Features of Swarovski 10×42 El Range

  • Swarovski EL Range binocular and Rangefinder all in one
  • Effective range from 33 to 1500 yards
  • The device can measure in yards or meters
  • Latest SWARO-AIM gadgetry for ballistic trajectory
  • Comes with scan mode to locate moving game

Battle Of Leica Ultravid HD Plus Vs. Swarovski 10×42 El Range

These Ratings are given by Binoculars Guru's Own Field Experiment.



10 out of 10

10 out of 10


10 out of 10

10 out of 10

Sharpness of Edge

9 out of 10

10 out of 10

Thumb Guides

8 out of 10

10 out of 10

Focus Knob Placing

9 out of 10

9 out of 10

Overall Rating



Click On The Image Below To See The Product From Amazon

Click On The image Below To See The Product From Amazon

Pros of Swarovski 10x42 EL Range Binoculars

Accuracy: In the matter of accuracy EL Range is the most accurate range finder bino currently on the market

Quickness: It is really fast to spot the targets. This bino is very much helpful for group hunting or competitive shooting.

Scan Mode: One of greatest advantage I found in this bino is it has scan mode which helps to detect distances to moving game to lock in.

Cons of Swarovski 10x42 EL Range Binoculars

Controls: As a new user you might face some controlling problem but it's not so major one. This bino comes with various modes of options, but you have to control these by a single button on the bottom of the bino. So it may cause lil bit difficulties at the beginning. Once you are used to this bino you will not see this as problem.


If you’re an optic snob, the Swarovski EL Range is the best value binoculars made. Although they can cost a pretty penny, you’ll be rewarded with a quality product that will last far into the future. The optic quality is amazing and users will be able to pick out the finest of details no matter if it’s daytime or night. This can be critical to the hunter who needs the right clarity in low lighting. The rangefinder is also accurate and works fast. It can cut down on waste since rangefinder is included with the binoculars. The built-in program takes the calibration to a whole new level, which makes it easy to focus and prevent eye strain. It’s also easy to use with a press of a button. The details of the EL rangefinder are well though all the way to the eye covers and neck straps.


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