Tento 20×60 Russian Binoculars Review

When it comes to technology, Russians are no behind, especially if you look at the binoculars designed by them. Tento 20×60 is one such Russian binocular that is still the favorite among the users due to its top-notch optical quality.

Dates back to the 1980s, Tento 20×60 is manufactured by a Russian company called Zomz factory, which named the binos “Tento”.

These military bins are highly popular amongst astronomy enthusiasts. It is also great for bird watching, wildlife observation, mountain rambling, and other outdoor activities.

Despite the fact that the market is flooded with many binoculars with advanced features, Tento 20×60 never fails to leave its marks.

Build Quality & Construction

Through these binocular, Tento provides you with the binos that offer excellent durability and extreme accuracy.

The top-notch quality build makes these binos sturdy enough to use on rough trails. It is designed using BAK 4 prism but does not come with multicoated lenses. Despite this, it offers excellent accuracy with its Porro prism construction.

Though these binos lack the technology of modern-age binoculars, they are still widely known for their versatility, clarity, and high-performance.

The binoculars have a rugged appearance with their all-metal exteriors but have a perfect fit and pebble texture finish.

There is the focus wheel given on the center with the plus and minus on the sides that let you adjust the focus. The focus wheel is quite easy to use and can be adjusted easily, allowing you to focus on the subject without any hassle.

It makes these binoculars a perfect pick for bird watching and other outdoor activities. There is a diopter given on the binocular which lets you set the viewfinder as per your eyesight so that you can enjoy the clear field view.

These are also quite light in weight and weigh around 3lbs.

Optical Performance 

The high-quality visual performance is what makes this binocular rule among astronomy enthusiasts and bird watchers.

The depth perception it provides lets you gaze at the sky and celestial objects with high accuracy. But its supreme optical quality and Bak 4 prism are not what makes these binos give an incredible visual performance.

It is the design and the precise placement of the optical elements that make it deliver superior optical quality.

The effective Porro design makes it reduce all the distortion, eliminates ghost images, and lights providing you with a better image viewing for both day and night time.

With Tento 20×60, you might experience better observation time during the nights than in the day. It is one of the reasons why these binos make for a popular choice among stargazers than bird watchers.

Here is a cool video Review-

Greater Field of View

Offering the magnification of 20x, Tento 20×60 promises utmost clarity and distortion-free images. The field of view is quite sharp in this one that allows you to find the target with much ease.

It comes with up to 1000m field of view and lets you adjust the center focus. The lens is fully coated in a slightly light purple color.

One thing that might bother users is the yellowish tinge present on the field of view, which is the common issue found in the Russian glass of this period.

It might cause a little problem in the daytime viewing but would not cause any hindrance during the nighttime viewing.

Eye Relief & Comfort 

When it comes to the military relic, you cannot expect much comfort, but Tento 20×60 will prove you wrong here.

Offering utmost comfort to the viewers, you will find these binos the best companion for your long excursions.

You can use them for long hours with comfort & ease. The glass wearers might face a bit of discomfort while using these binos due to the short eye relief.

So if you are a glass wearer, don’t forget to checkout on this feature to avoid any issues in the future.


Here are some alternatives for Tento 20×60 binoculars, If you are not able to find one of these

Celestron – SkyMaster 25X70 Binocular – Outdoor and Astronomy Binoculars – Powerful 25x Magnification – Large Aperture for Long Distance Viewing – Multi-coated Optics – Carrying Case Included
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  • Large 70 mm objective lens offers maximum image brightness in low-light and long-range conditions
  • Ultra sharp focus across the field of view. Linear Field of View (at 1000 yds.) at 1000 m): 141 feet (47 m)Exit Pupil:...

Another good alternative could be-


Tento 20×60 makes for the perfect choice of binocular for those who love astronomy. These can also be mounted for hassle-free use, and the rubberized housing makes it extremely easy for you to use the binos without slipping them off. The price also reasonably justifies the features and optical quality it provides. Overall, these binoculars are definitely worth-buying and would be your best companion on adventure trails.

Last update on 2022-06-23


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