How to Fix Binoculars With Double Vision

So, you are annoyed with the double vision and really want to fix the problem. You have landed at the perfect place. Here we will tell you step by step about how to fix your binoculars with a double vision problem.

Double vision in the binoculars might happen due to different kinds of reasons. However, the main cause is mostly when the path followed by light gets distorted and results in a separate image from two sides.

The moment the binoculars are out of collimation,i.e., when the light enters and exits through both the lenses, a double vision is formed.

Double vision makes it impossible to spot an object clearly at times. And that ruins the capability to view your target properly and to understand the movement or changes of its position.

Why Do You Get Double Vision In Binoculars?

Poor Adjustments

In order to get the best results, adjusting both the lenses aptly is extremely vital. You need to adjust to the zooming of the target at the same moment for getting a better focus.

If in case, one of the lenses adjusts more than the other, the image quality gets ruined. And that is why you don’t get the proper essence of using the device.

The same applies in the case of binocular prisms. If you can adjust it precisely, you will get an amazing experience as you will manage to view your target perfectly.

And if you make a poor alignment, the image magnification will differ for the two lenses and hence, the results might turn out to be quite disappointing.

That is when you are going to view an inaccurate image or a double image. And there is no way you are going to get the appropriate distance of the target which you are viewing.

Hence, you are not going to get the complete taste of your mission as it will weaken your ability to watch and understand the position of your target properly.

For example, if you are using the binocular for watching the movement of a certain animal or tracking a bird, the double vision will make you feel puzzled about how many objects you are watching. And as a result of that, you won’t be able to track its movement accurately.

how to fix double vision in binoculars


Carelessness and not handling the binoculars properly can be the biggest reasons for getting double vision.

A lot of factors are responsible for this part including the way you are handling it, the areas of your usage, or even how you are storing it when it is not being used.

For example, if you keep on dropping the optics mistakenly while going hunting or camping, it might be possible that it will get loose with time if you don’t take care of it immediately.

Besides this, the device might get damaged and lose alignment if it slips out of your hand repeatedly.

Another factor that matters a lot is how you are thinking of fixing the issue with your binocular. It is completely alright if you are getting a feeling to apply your creativity and make some changes to the device on your own.

However, if you are not aware of what you are going to do and just opt to experiment randomly, it might lead to a double vision.

That is why it is always recommended to seek help from an expert to maintain the quality viewing of your device.

How to Fix It? (Step By Step)

There are two areas that are the core points of de-collimation. One of them is the lenses and the other one is the interior of the binoculars prisms.

Fixing double imaging can be quite hectic and tricky as the method includes separating all the parts of the binocular and then collimating the two lenses.

Even though consulting a professional is the best option for fixing the double vision, here are some of the steps of a home remedy that you can follow:

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Gather All the Needed Equipment First

Your task will become a lot easier once you start with the fixing part only when you have managed to assemble all the required tools. Here is a list of the ones which you are going to utilize:

  • Scale
  • Tape
  • Small screwdrivers
  • Penknife
  • Black marker
  • Cardboard
  • Your binoculars

Start With The Fixing

As stated at the starting, that double vision occurs only when the path followed by light gets deformed and results in a different image from two sides.

That is why your first step is going to be to find out the lens that is causing the major issue. Here are the steps to check that part:

  • Draw a plus sign on the cardboard with the help of a scale, and a black marker. And make sure that both the lines are 12 inches.
  • Mark all the points of the inches on the line, starting from 1 to 12, and hang the cardboard from a wall, tree, or a stand at a distance of 100 meters or less.
  • Stand straight and with the help of the binoculars, focus on the center of the plus sign.
  • Try to look out whether you are viewing both the lines at the same distance or not.
  • If the lenses are de-collimated, the lines will appear to be separated from each other. And in case, if both the lenses are de-collimated, you will view both the lines appearing at extreme ends rather, at a large distance.

Now You Need To Uproot the Problem:-

Once you are done with finding out the issue, take the screwdriver and start to loosen the screws.

  • If the screw is visible, it’s well and good, if not, cut the upper layer with the penknife and remove the screw.
  • Detach the lenses and dry-wipe them. Once you are done with the cleaning part, place it back in its position.
  • While relocating the lens, make sure to be careful enough as double vision happens when the lens diverges from the centre to any of the corners. And if the issue is not solved yet, repeat the whole procedure once again.
  • Tighten the lens screws first and then focus back on the plus sign which you had drawn on the cardboard earlier. If the lines appear to be fine, it means that you have completed your work successfully.
  • Once, you have tested the precision, tighten the screws carefully. And even in case if a distortion appears, you can manage it on your own. As of now, you are well informed of the joints and screws and you can fix their positions properly, as and when needed.

Done With Fixing? Now Test the Outcomes:-

Once you are done with assembling back the complete equipment, repeat the same procedure of focusing on the plus sign and check the distance of the shorter lines from the center of the cardboard. If there is no distortion anymore, you have completed your task victoriously!


How To Avoid the Double Vision Problems in Binoculars

Don’t Experiment With The Device

It is completely alright to deep clean, rotate the focus knob, or adjust the strap of the binocular. But handling the lenses and prisms properly is the main area where you need to focus on properly. Separating all the sections and assembling them back in the position is really a delicate job to perform.

As it is quite hard to compile the sections perfectly, it is recommended to not try the home remedies if you are not confident enough about it.

Take Proper Care Of The Binoculars

The only way to stop your binocular from getting de-collimated is by avoiding misuse of it. Don’t mishandle it and protect it from getting damaged.

Try to avoid dropping it and if possible don’t carry it in places with extreme climate conditions.

How To Take Care of Your Prized Possession

If you don’t use your binocular that often and if it stays at the corner of your room for the majority of the time, you need to check it occasionally so that there is no glass mold growing.

Make sure to put on the lens cap after use. A carry case or a storage bag is provided with binoculars in most cases, so make sure to store it in a dry space.

If the binoculars are not waterproof, avoid taking them in damp areas or don’t take them out on rainy days.

You are supposed to understand the condition of the binocular and use it accordingly in adverse climates.

If you feel that it might get affected badly because of rain or something, don’t use it in harsh environments.

In the end, your binoculars will be in good form, if you can manage to take proper care of them.

If you can manage to clean and take proper care of it from time to time, it will give you the best results and will serve you for a long durable time.

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