Canon 10×30 IS II Review 

If you are one of those who hate to miss out on minute details while out in nature embracing its beauty, or bird watching, or are just lovers of any other form of a spectator sport, then the feature-rich Canon 10×30 IS II is perfect for you.

It is an extremely compact and lightweight binocular from Canon that captures everything in great accuracy and thus offers a fulfilling experience every time you use it.

It offers the Best views for people who travel extensively and indulge in bird watching, and other equally fascinating spectator sports, Canon 10×30 IS II comes with sophisticated features and functions to turn every experience into a memorable one.

Canon 10×30 IS II- Analysis

Zeiss 8x42 Conquest HD Binocular with LotuTec Protective Coating (Black)
  • Best used for birdwatching, nature observation,
  • Compact lightweight ergonomic design for ultimate comfort in the field
  • T premium lens coatings for supreme brightness


One look at the device will make it evident that lots of attention have been given to assure complete ease and comfort for the user, while at the same time not compromising on the durability aspect.

It looks very premium with the front matte finish cover and the anti-reflective body. The rubber eyecups provide for better grip and control and ensure comfortable and hassle-free viewing.

The Image Stabilizer button and focus adjustment ring with a rubber feel are also positioned perfectly to make managing the device easy and comfortable.

It has a non-glossy exterior that helps the users carry on with their viewing sessions without causing any disturbance.

Image Stabilization 

Image stabilization is one of the most significant characteristics of these binoculars that ensures highly stable and steady viewing even when you move fast.

It is made possible by the optical Image Stabilizer that corrects and eliminated any disturbance in viewing that arises from shakes and jerking. The viewing is exceptionally stable even while panning and moving very fast.

The Vari-angle prisms lie amidst the front lens and the primary prism. When the gyro registers any movement or shake, these prisms send a signal to smooth out the viewing by correcting the disturbance caused by the shake.

So, whether you are in a moving vehicle or running after your target, be sure to have clear and distinct coverage.


Coming to the magnification aspect of this binocular, you will be super excited to see everything through the lens in high clarity and proximity.

It is made possible due to the high-end optical system that helps to get almost 10x closer to the subject and capture it in complete clarity.

With 30 mm of objective lens diameter, Canon 10×30 IS II provides for maximum mobility and bright viewing.

Performance & Ease of Use 

When compared to the previous models, this binocular shows vital improvement in terms of power consumption and uninterrupted performance concerning the IS function.

A high-performance giving microcomputer with advanced algorithms assists in easy and quicker start-up times that help in energy saving.

It further makes long hours of performance by the binoculars. With AA Alkaline batteries, this incredible binocular can perform for 9 long hours.

It is also compatible with NiMh batteries. What else can you ask for to carry out a successful exploration session?

Its long hours of performance will also allow you to indulge in your hobby completely without losing out on anything meaningful.

With 14.5mm eye relief and 3mm exit pupil, you can use this for longer viewing sessions without any discomfort or pain to the eyes. So, longer hours of using this binocular are both easy and comfortable.

Weight and Dimensions 

This binocular from Canon has it all to make your day a fruitful one when out on an exciting venture. It weighs very light, about 600g minus the batteries.

The binoculars are also very compact and handy, and extremely easy to carry along due to its unique dimensions. 

Also, the Binos measures 127mm in width, 150mm in height, and 70mm in depth.

Pros of Canon 10×30 IS II

  • Its compactness and light weight make it an ideal companion for all exciting expeditions.
  • It comes equipped with a unique image stabilization feature to let you see everything in complete clarity and without any distortion. The 10xmagnification allows you to bring the subject closer to you without drawing its attention. 
  • It has a great built and design to let you use it with ease.
  • The non-glossy coating helps to keep you unnoticed so that you don’t scare your subject away.
  • Focusing is easy and effective.

Cons of Canon 10×30 IS II

  • Its price can be a con for many as it is priced a bit high.
  • It may not fit varying face sizes comfortably.
  • They are battery-operated, which can be a problem at times.


  • The impressive Canon 10×30 IS II is a Porro II Prism type binocular Super Spectra coating from the EF lens range that makes viewing clear and vivid and projects everything in real color and contrast without causing any unwanted interference.
  • It uses manual focus by using object lens movement, and the closest focusing distance is 4.2m.
  • The built design is hard and durable to function under extreme weather conditions with temperatures ranging from -10 degrees Celcius to 45-degree Celcius, and it works just fine even under 90% humidity.
  • With Canon 10×30 IS II in your hands, you can enjoy stable viewing as it minimizes all types of disturbance occur due to shaking or movement. All thanks to the optical image stabilization feature it offers. Moreover, it features doublet-field flattener lenses that help in an even field view by correcting any curve and bend and also comes with a smooth and even corner to corner eyepiece view.
  • It combines compactness and eases with a refinement of images to make every session rewarding and comfortable.


You need not think about anything while buying Canon 10×30 IS II for a great price under six hundred dollars, which features many functions and specifications that make it a perfect buy.

If you are an adventure lover or love to seek the maximum when carrying on any spectator sports or are busy trekking or enjoying bird watching, buying this binocular will be a good investment.

It provides for comfortable, stable viewing coupled with ease of handling and operating. Like all other Canon’s EF lenses, Canon 10×30 IS II also uses lead-free glass that is environmentally friendly.

So, just go for this amazing magnifying binocular with efficient IS technology that will surely add more fun and thrill to your plans and arrangements.

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Last update on 2022-11-26


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