How To Make Binoculars at Home: DIY Project

People are always inspired to create something that they can always call their own achievement. This especially holds good for kids, who can participate and do something creative.

Making a binocular at home is one of the best DIY or Do-It-Yourself projects, in which, both kids and adults can participate, either alone or as part of the team.

There are many ways people can make binoculars at home. So how to create a binocular at home, let us begin.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

If you want to make the most basic binocular for your kid, that will give him/her an opportunity to see things with more focus. All you need are these four things.

So, here’s how to create it.

⇒Get two same-sized toilet paper rolls together and use the stapler to pin the two rolls together, with 2 pins on both ends.

⇒Cut a ribbon piece in a perfect length as per the requirement that you feel will be enough for your kid to hang around the neck.

⇒Staple or tape the ribbon on one side of the toilet paper roll with 2 pins.

  • You can also decorate the binocular with silver paper foil or sticker to give it a shiny look.
  • Now your kid can use these toy binoculars during play to focus on surrounding things.

Either you can make for your kid or involve your kid in the making too.

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2. Thick Paper Sheet Binoculars for Night

You can also make binoculars at home with thick paper sheets for night viewing. For this, you need thick brown paper sheets, heavy-duty glue/adhesive, colored foil, and a cardboard piece. So, let’s see how do you make it. You need: –

  • Thick brown paper sheets
  • Adhesive
  • Cardboard

⇒Cut the thick paper sheets into 4 rectangular pieces, 2 in the same size and another 2 in a smaller size with scissors.

⇒Next, roll all 4 rectangular pieces into a cylindrical shape and glue them with adhesive and tape.

  1. Next cut the thick brown paper sheet into a shape similar to a dumbbell with a thick handle in the middle by marking/drawing with a pencil.
  2. Make sure to cut 2 holes in the two sides of the thick brown paper sheet in size similar to the small cylindrical shapes

  1. Next cut 4 colored foil pieces in a cylindrical shape, 2 each for smaller cylinders and 2 for large cylinders.
  2. Next glue them with adhesive and tape on one side of each of the 4 cylindrical shapes.
  3. You can also decorate the sides with color foil further with white color tapes.

⇒Next, draw an outline of the dumbbell previously cut in thick brown paper sheet on a rectangular piece of cardboard including the holes, and cut it in exact shape.

⇒Then glue the thick brown paper sheet cut in dumbbell shape on the cardboard cut in exact same shape.

  1.  After it dries up insert the 2 smaller cylindrical shapes into the dumbbell shape which now acts as a holding piece. Make sure the side without color foil is inserted and 25% of its total length.
  2. Make sure to use adhesive so that the 2 cylindrical pieces are stuck firmly with holding piece. Ensure there is no unevenness.

⇒Next glue the 2 larger cylindrical shapes into the holding cardboard piece. Make sure to insert the side without color foil on the holding piece and it completely covers the smaller cylindrical piece already inserted. Again, make sure there is no unevenness in any of the 4 cylindrical shapes inserted into the holding piece.

⇒ Voila!!! You have a homemade DIY binocular for night viewing ready. This can be home-based project for adolescents.


3. Binocular with PVC Pipe and Lens

If you can lay your hands on a few pieces of PVC and a concave and a convex lens you can make a binocular at home. A great science project for teenagers to complete at home.

Things you need: –

  • 5-inch width PVC Pipe 8 cm long
  • PVC pipe connector
  • 2-inch width PVC Pipe 7 cm long
  • 2-inch width PVC Pipe 1 cm long
  • 1 4and 1 convex lens (2 inches)
  • Cardboard piece

1. Create a circular outline of a 5-inch width PVC pipe on a cardboard piece.

2. Create a circular outline of 2-inch width PVC pipe on the same cardboard piece, inside the outline for 5-inch PVC width pipe already created.

3. Cut the cardboard piece carefully to ensure a circular piece with a hole inside and then glue it to the larger 5-inch width PVC pipe.

4. Now glue the smaller 2-inch width PVC connector on the cardboard piece.

5. Next glue the 2-inch width PVC Pipe 1 cm long inside the 2-inch width PVC Pipe 7 cm long piece.

6. Next carefully glue the 2-inch convex lens on the 2-inch width PVC Pipe 1 cm long already glued inside the 2-inch width PVC Pipe 7 cm long.

7. Now insert the 2-inch width PVC Pipe 7 cm long inside the PVC connector and let it dry. Make sure the convex lens is on the outer side.

8. Next glue the concave lens (5 inches) on the 5-inch width PVC Pipe 8 cm long and let it dry.

9. Ensure both the concave and the convex lens are stable and you have a homemade single lens binocular ready.

10. This type of homemade binoculars is best suited for project work for kids in their early teens.

These homemade binoculars can be easily made at home with material available at home. Only a few things need to buy from the outside like adhesive/glue and these can be purchased at very low prices.


Final Take On How To Make Binoculars At Home

These homemade binoculars are ideally suited for kids and early teenagers as fun projects to make and use things at home.

A successfully carried out working project gives kids a great sense of enjoyment and gains a sense of achievement of doing something creative to show off.

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