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Vortex Vulture HD 10×56 Binocular Review 

Now you no longer need to compromise on the lighting part when in dark surroundings as you can now make the most of your adventurous spree.

Yes, this is true. When you have the powerful Vortex Vulture HD20x56 binoculars in your packing, consider half of your problems to be solved.

No matter if you are out on an adventure in daylight or the dark, this binocular will turn out to be your best companion.

It helps you locate a rarely seen species even in a bad light. Vortex Vulture HD 10×56 binocular comes equipped with special features to support the viewing even in difficult lighting conditions. 

This binocular assists in long-distance viewing and is highly suitable for activities like hunting and trekking.

The 56mm objective lenses offer great optical prominence and help to magnify the object almost 100 times closer providing you with perfect glance and capture in the lenses. 

Vortex Vulture HD 10×56 Binocular- Analysis

Vortex Optics Vulture HD Binoculars, 8 x 56'
  • HD (High Density) extra-low dispersion glass delivers impressive resolution and color fidelity, resulting in High...
  • Dielectric multi-layer prism coatings provide the clearest, brightest, most color-accurate images possible
  • Vortex proprietary XR anti-reflective coatings, fully multi-coated on all air-to-glass lens surfaces, increase light...


If you look at the built, this device is very robust to withstand the rough handling that it will be subjected to. But at the same, it is ergonomically designed to facilitate comfortable handling.

It comes covered with a tactile rubber coating that helps you avoid slips by offering a better grip. This innovative rubber coating also protects the binocular against scratches and small damages to the exterior. 

The amazement continues with this being waterproof and fog proof and is also dust resistant. Additionally, AmorTek Coating for the external protection of the lenses from salt, oil, and abrasion increases the overall efficiency of the product.

The objectives are large enough to make use of comfortable and sleek phase-corrected roof prism style offers a slimness that is so important. It is carefully designed to perform under challenging weather conditions and withstand sudden climate changes. 

Image Quality 

The AFOV (Apparent Field of View) is 61°, which proves that depicts that it supports wide-angle viewing. Further, the XR coating of the lens prevents loss of vision by avoiding light loss.

It also benefits in better light transmission from lens to eyes. This anti-reflective multi-coating enables better transmission of light for all the air-glass surfaces.

So wide-angle viewing and almost flawless light provision can help you focus better without worrying about its performance. 

Also, the phase-corrected roof prism provides for enhanced resolution with better color and contrast support.

Thus, it is clear from all this discussion that whether you are planning for a near-future hunting trip or is about to go for wildlife viewing or indulge in bird watching, the Vortex Vulture HD 10×56 will allow you to make the most memorable experiences. The diameter of the lenses is 56mm, and the eyecups are extendable. 

Performance and Ease of Use 

Performance-wise, you will be amazed at the level of excellence of this binocular from Vortex. And of course, the ease with which you can use and handle it adds to the overall pleasure.

The rubber coating helps in making it water-resistant. It also helps in getting a comfortable and non-slippery grip. 

The focus knob is positioned centrally and is very fast and responsive. Plus, you can adjust the focus until you get a clear view, thanks to the center dioptre adjustment function.

The twistable rubber eyecups make viewing comfortable even while wearing glasses. The tripod adaptable screw helps to enjoy hands-free operation when attached to a tripod. 

Weight & Dimensions

A device like this needs to be compact and light to serve the real purpose and this binocular will not give a chance to complain here.

This Item weighs 111g and is 16.76cm in height and 14.73 cm in width. Hence, long-duration usage will not be a problem as it is extremely handy. 

Features of Vortex Vulture HD 10×56

This binocular offers value for money and comes with amazing features, which gives you every reason to get your hands on this binocular. Below we are listing some of the exclusive features of Vortex Vulture HD 10×56. 

  • HD glasses enables high resolution and also lower chromatic aberration
  • Dielectric prism coating improves image quality and enables better transmission
  • XR lens coating
  • Rubber coating and reinforced housing for the strong grip 
  • Focus knob and rubber eyecups that can be adjusted at your convenience 

What is in the Box?

You should have proper knowledge of what you will get along with the binocular on purchasing it. When you buy this binocular, you get a few things along with it without paying any additional cost, which includes: 

1. Rain Guards

2. Nylon finish storage case

3. Neoprene strap

4. Tethered covers

Moreover, this product will come with a lifetime VIP warranty, which means you need not think twice before buying this binocular. 

Pros of Vortex Vulture HD 10×56

1. Wide-angle viewing 

2. Compact and light

3. Water and fog-resistant

4. High magnification

5. Comfortable use and fit for the eyes

6. Maximum clarity in viewing even in twilight or semi-dark environment

7. Possibility to correct the focus easily

8. High resolution

9. Robust exterior 

Cons of Vortex Vulture HD 10×56

1. Vortex Vulture HD 10×56 is a little on the heavy side in terms of weight, and so a tripod is a must for comfortable use.

2. The difference between in-focus and out-focus is very nominal that can cause a problem


So, realize your need, and you will be able to assess this binocular’s potential better. It is built to have all the qualities to make your every mission successful.

The best thing about this binocular is that it eliminates the obstacles of low lighting and blurry vision.

Its magnification power couples with the simplicity of operation and clear viewing specifications that can let you use it in any kind of weather condition without the fear of damaging it.

With a lifetime warranty, you will find this purchase a worthy one. Wait no more and get your hands on this thoughtfully designed binocular with features and prices like no other. 

The item seems to be out of stock on Amazon prsesntly.

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