Understanding Binoculars 101 : How Do Binoculars Work ?

Are you a hardcore outdoor enthusiast? Love hunting or watching birds? Or just planning to get out of a tour? If your answer is yes to these questions, then probably you must need to have a Binocular. Binoculars will help you to watch the nature  closely or to target your prey precisely.

Well, Understanding binoculars are more important than just getting a pair of binoculars. Because If you don't Know how do binoculars work, then probably you might face some problem in the field. On the other hand, If you know how do binoculars work, then I am sure you can squeeze the real taste of nature by your eyes.

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Understanding Binoculars

A binocular is a piece of equipment with a symmetrical shape. It allows the viewer to experience binocular vision when it comes to the observation of distant objects. Apart from the general use of binoculars it can also be applicable in other case scenarios. For instance to the individuals who are nature and wilderness lovers. As a hunter or a bird watcher, the decision you make when it comes to the purchase of this gear is really crucial. Considering the fact that you have to find one whose optic is of very high quality. Surely, You do not want to make a new purchase every season. And you want to ensure that, you get to experience the kind of view that you really desire.

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Understanding Binoculars : How Do Binoculars Work ?

Binoculars have got varying specifications based on what they are likely to be used for. You got to have this understanding when it comes to binoculars:

Understanding Binoculars Magnification

The different numbers that are given to them, e.g. 7X35, 8X42 or 10X50 refer to the number of magnification that they can make. In a simple way, how many times closer the object is likely to appear compared to when the naked eye is used.

The first number represents the magnification or power and the second number is the diameter of the objective lens. For example, a 10X Binocular makes the subject 10 times closer than when it is viewed by the naked eye.

Understanding Binoculars Magnification

It is important to understand the varying specifications depending on the usage. It is also important to do a thorough research and go for a binocular with a high optical quality and is more likely to last longer.

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Limitation in Higher Magnification Binoculars

1. If you choose a higher magnification number, the field of vision will decrease and it will be difficult to aim the subject through the binoculars. In the picture 7 X Binoculars have large Field of View. But on the 10 X has less than the 7 X Binocular.

2. If the magnification number is higher, then the effect of shaky grip on the binoculars will exaggerate.

3. Choosing a higher numbered magnifying binocular limit the amount of light transmission, in that case, you may not be able to aim your prey in certain situation specially when the sun drops below the horizon.

Buying a pair of Binocular should be viewed as a long time investment. Ensure that you go for a binocular that has a bright and clear vision when used while outdoors. You should have a good understanding of the different features found in the binocular that you settle for and know how they are going to be applicable when out there in the fields.

Understanding  Binoculars Field of View

FOV of Fields of view refers to the size of an area that can view through your binoculars. Generally, lower power binoculars give you a larger FOV and the opposite is true for the higher powered binoculars.

Understanding Binoculars size

The binoculars come in a variety of sizes for instance; full size (8x10) then mid-size (7x10) and whereas some are lighter others tend to be slightly bulky.

Binoculars Size

The full size has an advantage of the ability to perform well even in low light situations. Mid-Size, on the other hand, have an above average light transmission. The objective lens diameter is likely to influence the amount of light the binoculars is likely to gather. More light will mean having a brighter view despite the light condition being low.


If there is no prism in your binocular, you would see shaky, ups & down mirror reflection image through your binocular. Prism organizes the image in such a way that the image reaches to your eyes without any surprise.  Popular prisms are Roof and Porro. Porro prism considered to be classic binocular designed with offset prism. On the other hand Roof Prism binoculars designed more compact and which like "H" Letter.


Eye Relief

The distance between your eyes and the ocular lens of the binoculars refers the eye relief. To keep the correct distance from your eyes, binocular manufacturer designed the eye cups. There is no problem if you don’t wear sunglasses. But If you wear a glasses, then you have to turn down the eye relief from your binoculars.

eye relief

Exit Pupil

A binocular has an exit pupil. This is a number that will determine how bright an object will regardless of whether the situation is experiencing low lighting. If the exit pupil number happens to be higher then the image will most likely be brighter. If it is large as well, there is the likelihood of the full image being retained even if the hand moves.

Exit Pupil

Lens coating

Binoculars lens coating is likely to help in reducing reflection, thus ensuring whatever comes into focus is a clear and sharp image. There are four types of coating:

Binoculars lens Coating

1. Coated: This refers a single coating applied, at least, one lens.

2. Fully coated: This is also single layer, but it is applied on all air to glass surface.

3. Multi-coated: This type of coating is applied in multiple layers on at least one lens.

4. Fully Multi-coated: This type of coating is applied in multiple layers on all air to the glass surface.


Those are the basic terms that most needed to understand your binoculars effectively. So buying a binocular is not just all, Understanding binoculars properly will give you the real power of viewing the world magically.

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